A Different Conversation

The year was 2020. Broadway’s dazzling lights dimmed due to Covid. My city apartment building had just been sold. Two paths stood before me: stay and find a new place or chase a dream outside the big city.

So, come November 2020, I took the plunge. Saying goodbye to the city that never sleeps, I embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, starting right here in the States. Over the next eight months, I hopped between AirBnBs, crashed with friends, and gradually gathered the courage to buy a one-way ticket to the enchanting city of Barcelona.

With just a leased car, a couple of bags, my trusty yoga mat, and my ever-handy iPhone camera, I embarked on a 10-month adventure of solo European travels.

Fast forward to a sizzling August 2022 in Paris, and out of the blue, I found myself chatting with the CEO of a thriving health and wellness company. By the end of our 30-minute conversation, a dream job awaited me, one that serendipitously led me back to sunny California – a place close to my heart, having spent a decade there in the early 2000s.

For an entire year, I had the incredible honor of spearheading a brand new mindset and personal development sector. Creating content that genuinely touched and transformed countless lives was an experience that filled my passion and purpose. But, like all adventures, there was another twist. A little over a year later, with the company taking a new direction, I found myself at 60, back in the exciting world of solo entrepreneurship.

This blog is a haven for all you “Women of a Certain Age.” I invite you here to remember that our world craves your wisdom, even on days when doubt tries to tell you otherwise.

Welcome home, dear friend.

Now, let’s get ready, because we’re in for a thrilling ride. Together, we’ll make it unforgettable.

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Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right! And the difference between those who go for their dreams and those who sit on the sidelines, has very little to do with talent, and everything to do with believing in yourself and betting on your future. Join me for lifetime access to this course and learn the tools and strategies you can use daily, to craft a life of your own design and live a life of your dreams, instead of leaving your life with regrets. 



The Practice

I’ve been thinking a lot about the practice. The practice of showing up for our life fully.  The practice of getting up over and over again after disappointments. The practice of choosing ourselves even when we question ourselves. The practice of taking action even on...
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As I sat on the floor of my Paris apartment recovering from a joy hangover, I began reflecting on moments like the one captured in this picture. The moments that shape us The moments that break us The moments that define us ….. And truth...
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My Mother

Today is  Mothers Day in the USA. This is the day we celebrate our love for our mothers. Whether you are a mum, a bonus (step) mom, a mom to your pets. Whether your mum is alive and well, or perhaps you have now become...
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Next Best Thing

I slept in late – do the next best thing I didn’t get to the gym – do the next best thing I missed the deadline – do the next best thing I ate way too much sugar – do the next best thing I...
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Morocco is a country that will, love you, celebrate you, bring out the best in you….. And Morocco will challenge you, question you, and bring out the doubt in you….. You will be blinded by the colors, overwhelmed by the sounds, and uprooted from all...
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Make A Splash

To Make a Splash: You need to leap. You need to let go. You need to say yes (before you’re ready) You need to go first.   You need to trust yourself. You need to believe in others. You need to be bold. You need...
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Obidos Portugal

This post is all about pictures versus words. I am also promising to myself and to you more “travel” blogs. There is so much beauty out there in the world, and as a solo traveler it is nice to share my moments with someone. Today...
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The Precipice of Longing and Belonging

And there will come a day when we stand at the precipice of our life, the years, days and minutes behind us and the time still to be consumed.  When we reach the road that leads us to this mountain top, this moment in our...
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