My Wish For You

That you don’t change who you are, but become more of who you are

That you live from hope versus doubt

That you know that the power that already resides inside you will grow stronger each time you bet on yourself and take the next step

That you allow your wildest dreams to stay at the forefront of your focus

That you do not take the well worn path of “should” but take the road less travelled of “could”

That you come to the end of each day, leaving it all on the playing field of life

That you let go of the fear of judgement and the fear of failure 

That you celebrate the journey, however uncomfortable, of who you are becoming 

That you use your past to inform your future but not to dictate it 

That you uncover your doubts, understand your worries, listen to your anxieties AND realize feelings are not always facts

That you never forget just how capable, kind, brave and deserving you are – and use those facts as your GPS in 2022

That you make decisions from possibility for your future versus the probability from your past

That you remember actions of courage ALWAYS come before feelings of courage

That you believe in yourself and your dreams AND take one small action each day to move your best possible self into your best possible future

That you have more joy than sorrow….

More laughter than tears 

More love than loss

More faith than fear

More dreams than doubt

And that you know that you are the greatest gift to this world

Love this gift, share your gift with others and honor your noble dream that will help both yourself and this world

Now go and create your best possible future in 2022.

You’ve got this, I’m with you and I cannot wait to see the magic and wonder you create.

Believe, Create, Try, Assess  – Repeat