Next Best Thing

I slept in late – do the next best thing

I didn’t get to the gym – do the next best thing

I missed the deadline – do the next best thing

I ate way too much sugar – do the next best thing

I feel sad for the way I reacted – do the next best thing

I am so disappointed it didn’t go as planned – do the next best thing

I consumed way to much social media – do the next best thing

We live in a world of crush it or be crushed

Of super humans and impossible to attain standards

Of noise, of doubts, of trying to keep up, and failing – a lot……

But in our failures and not keeping up with the social ideals we meet ourself. 

We see our blind spots, we notice the work still to be done, and we can uncover the gaps of where we are and who we have yet to be.

I feel inadequate more times than you will ever see on my social profile. I disappoint myself daily AND it is in this space where I get to talk with my heart. It is in this place of discomfort I revisit the work, my work – the hard work of my heartwork. 

As you read this, I encourage you to notice if you still are using the broken model of social comparison. A model that magnifies your flaws and minimizes your magnificence.

It’s okay to miss, it’s okay to fall, it’s ok not to live each and every day perfectly.

It is NOT okay to beat yourself up for being human.

When you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of disappointment, simply ask yourself what can I do, to do ….

The next best thing.