Getting Grounded

This image is my grounding place. A place I set up in each and every apartment I visit and call home whether for a week or a month.

Light to pack and yet it is what I lean on in times of doubt and uncertainty.

  1. An image of my dear friend Jon, who passed away in August of 2020. Too early and too young. Jon was my New York Center. My best friend, my keeper of dreams, and the one who picked up my heart six years earlier when it had been shattered by infidelity and the end of my “forever” relationship.
  2. A picture of me and my sister (my other best friend) Jennie. My rock, my safe place and the person who knows me better than anyone. It took a while for us to understand each other, to accept our different natures without expecting the other to change. But now there is no-one I would rather be around.
  3. A few reminders to keep things simple, be grateful and to be where your feet are
  4. Some sea glass that I picked up on one of my morning walks during my magical time at The Modern Elder Academy near Baja Mexico and …..
  5. All these items are resting on a handkerchief that belonged to my mother. Gwenda was a remarkable human being. She gave so much to this world, to others and to my sister and I and I’m pretty certain she never understood what an impact she made for good.

Jon, Gwenda, and Jennie are the shoulders upon which I stand as I travel for these next few months and quite possibly few years. These are the humans who ground me, center me, and help me remember all the good of who I am, and the possibility of all who I have yet to become.

Reflection: Who helps you stay centered? Where do you feel most at home? What can you do to feel calm when there is chaos?