As I sat on the floor of my Paris apartment recovering from a joy hangover, I began reflecting on moments like the one captured in this picture.

The moments that shape us

The moments that break us

The moments that define us …..

And truth be told,  moments like the one pictured here, are more likely to be a series of many, many micro moments, that when all piled on top of one another, eventually cascade into a monumental moment that suddenly everyone else gets to witness.

Life is not an overnight moment….

The overnight success

The overnight win

The overnight loss

Paris has been a series of so many moments …. 

Moments that brought me into awe

Moments that made me shout with glee

Moments that stopped me in my tracks

Moments that made me want to stay here forever


Moments that made me question myself

Moments that made me incredibly anxious

Moments that made me want to leave 

Social media is a snapshot in time.

It captures a moment in time that rarely, if ever, reveals the moments of doubt, uncertainty, comparison, fear, judgment and insecurities.

This moment above was indeed an epic moment, one that I will carry in my heart (and now in my feed) for a long long time.

AND please remember that in each moment you see on your feed, that the ones that truly define and shape us are often left on the cutting room floor.