Kind Words from Kind People

Jennifer Duckworth - ISPA Senior Director of Events and Education

Each year, Petra Kolber continues to inspire ISPA Conference & Expo attendees with her high energy presentations. Petra’s information is relevant and timely, and she presents content in a powerful way that motivates spa professionals to invoke change in their personal and professional lives. ISPA members consistently rank her sessions at the top of all offerings and rave about her content and presentations.

Lisa Druxman - Chief Founding Mom at Fit4Mom

Without a doubt, Petra was the highlight of our Heart and Hustle Conference. She was inspiring and real and every audience member felt they could relate to her. She is creating a movement where we can come together and realize that we are enough right now. Petra is the perfect conference catalyst, especially if you want to tap into the values and passions of your team and move your audience into action.

Mike Spezzano - American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Summit

Petra Kolber is such a dynamic, engaging speaker, a giant in the world of fitness, that we felt very lucky to have her on stage for the opening keynote of the 2016 American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Summit. Her presentation, “The Happiness Epidemic – Catch it if You Can”, was inspirational, motivating, and interesting; everything a keynote should be. Petra’s uplifting message of taking an intrinsic, personal, common-sense approach to health and not worry about weight, appearance, or any of the more external outcomes often valued, deeply resonated with our audience of fitness professionals. Personable, genuine, and, in fact, happy, Petra connected with the audience right off the back and kept them at rapt attention throughout her talk. At one point I scanned the room and was stunned to see all eyes squarely fixed on Petra, people on the edge of their seats, literally hanging on her every word. If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire happiness and fulfillment in self and others, and set a wonderful tone for your meeting, Petra’s your answer.


Alicia Weihl Director of Programming & Talent Physique 57

I cannot express to you how enthusiastic our team is following your visit.  Everyone was deeply touched by your message, inspired by your personal stories and insight, and in awe of how authentic, luminous, and wise you are.

When I reached out to you I figured it might be a long shot for you to come in and spend this time with us, but you were such a delight with planning and in all the details leading up to the day of your presentation.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.  “In happiness and gratitude,”


Rod Macdonald, CEO Certified Coaches Federation

I have had had the pleasure of experiencing Petra speak many times, and she flawlessly blends her irrepressible light with a grounding that most speakers never achieve. The message she delivers is always inspiring and thought-provoking at the same time. I highly recommend her for keynote addresses and breakout sessions. She will move you physically and emotionally.

Alice Bracegirdle, CEO and Co-Founder Bellyfit® Enterprises Inc.

Petra Kolber is one of the most professional, inspiring, entertaining and educational presenters I have ever had the privilege of hiring. My team and I could not be more pleased. We received nothing but 100% rave reviews from our 300 delegates and we would invite Petra back in a flash. Her content is unique, deeply moving and relevant to our times and she is clearly a living example of her mission and message! I highly recommend her!

It took us 2 1/2 years to bring Petra to our community, and I am delighted that we were able to make it happen! All of us need reminders that things are more than black and white, or happy or sad, and that we can impact our own lives by how we choose to think about things.

Petra moved our audience of 130 people to their feet, moving to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and generated a room full of smiles and positive energy. Petra is a must see!

Sandie Pierce, Director Monroe Center for Healthy Aging

California Walnuts worked with Petra for a number of years to help encourage consumers, health professionals, and media alike to live a healthy lifestyle. Petra has a way of motivating and energizing a variety of audiences through her dynamic personality. At our Food for Your Whole Life symposiums, she broke up a day of presentations by inspiring 1000+ people to stand up and get moving at their seats with a series of fun exercises.

Jennifer Olmstead Marketing Director, Domestic California Walnut Board
John Lehnstrohm, NASM, Fitness Industry Consultant

Many of us are in the fitness industry because of a passion for fitness and a desire to change lives. Within the first five sentences spoken on the day I met Petra, I knew I met someone who lives, breathes and teaches those values. So on that day, I asked her to be a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual NASM OPTIMA Conference. Not only did she deliver the passion, using her skills in the spotlight, she changed the lives of the attendees at our conference. So if changing lives is important to you, find a way to make Petra Kolber part of your life.

Jen Groover, Empowerment and Business Expert

Petra speaks with humor and heart and mixes inspiration with easy to implement information. Building on her own personal stories she connects to the audience through her ability to bring empathy and authenticity to the stage and to every presentation.


Scott Duncan, President Spa Gregorie's

I have had the pleasure to work with Petra Kolber as a speaker for an Industry event. During this time I had the pleasure to collaborate with Petra on the topic of her message. I have yet to meet a speaker that has the innate ability to not only convey her message, but more importantly to connect with an audience. Petra is Dynamic yet sensitive and honest in her approach. She conveys her message with an unquestionable high degree of ethics, passion and logic. I would recommend her for an unlimited amount of industries as her message transcends and touches the human side of the audience.

Jamie Broderick, Owner of Network Now Connections

Petra inspired us with her wisdom and insight and then moved us to literal tears of joy with her enthusiasm as she led the audience in dance. My heart swells with gratitude for the gift she gave us. She created a truly phenomenal experience and I will be forever grateful.

This is your calling…after attending your Moving to Happiness in Dallas in August I can tell you that the ripples are being felt. I am in your tribe 100% and I am making waves based on what I learned from you. Your message is extremely inspirational. I come from genetic happiness but you have really expanded my 40% in my control. Intentionally sharing, living, and breathing happiness. You are pushing me to open my heart and mind wider. You are just full of good stuff my new friend!!! : ) Keep at it!! The world needs you!!

‪Michelle Deyoe Hamilton‬

I’m writing this email to say a HUGE thank you for all the energy, knowledge, inspiration and happiness that you shared with me at Filex.

I’ve returned to work with a new sense of direction and purpose and am so excited about moving my clients towards a happier more positive mind frame.

I work with people with mental illness and this week I have worked with my clients by focusing on what they can do. We haven’t even mentioned exercise and healthy eating yet but they seem so much more receptive and open to me. And amazingly I left the sessions feeling energized instead of drained!!

Kathryn Frain, Australia
Denise Klatte, Redondo Beach CA

This two day CreativeLIVE course with Petra Kolber has changed my life. Through Petra’s gentle, yet powerful, words, I was able to really “dig deep” into my fears, thought processes, avoidance strategies and limiting beliefs…moving me closer and closer TO happiness!  The wealth of information, studies and research presented, along with Petra’s profound ability to impact with kindness, vulnerability and humor, had me laughing, pondering and even shedding a tear, or two. l have “thrown my backpack over the wall” and am enjoying the journey in retrieving it.  I hope there is a follow up course in the making!!!

Evelyn Danord Houder, CreativeLive Host

Thank you for the time you spent with all of us at CreativeLive. We have a lot of great courses come thru our doors, but none have created a shift in me quite like yours. I still have a lot to learn & lots of growing to do, but I’m headed in the right direction. I really felt it important to tell you how much what you shared with us has been effecting my day to day life (even on the not so great days:). Please keep doing what you’re doing! It’s so important. You are an inspiration to me & many others. Thank you so much for sharing your gems of life & giving us someone to look up to.”

Caroline Kohles, Senior Director of JCC, NYC Health & Wellness Programming

Unforgettable. Petra connects to her audience from her soul.
People listen, laugh, and connect to her and to themselves.
In doing so are moved to transform their lives.


Well-conceived, well received. Petra’s enthusiasm, emotional honesty, and her message was energizing. It really hit home with our group. A perfect complement to the atmosphere we wanted

David Dinerman, Director of FISA

Petra is a passionate and generous individual who has added to the health, well-being and, most importantly, happiness of thousands of people all over the world. She is a true leader in every sense of the word. Petra does not sit around; she goes out and creates change with a grace and kindness that both sets her apart and drives her forward. As a speaker, Petra is second to no one. We were thrilled to have her in our line-up of educators at the ICAA Conference as she has a first-rate ability to communicate her message. She was one of our highest-rated speakers–and our conference attendees are a very discerning group. We look forward to welcoming Petra back.

Julie Milner, COO International Council on Active Aging -

Petra’s Moving to Happiness course was absolutely transformational for me. I was able to get in touch with my dreams and my fears, and have since made very clear decisions about the life I want to live. I appreciated that the information Petra presented was research-based and I was inspired by her energy, honesty, and vulnerability. I walked away thinking Petra will be the next “Oprah!”

Jacqui Hook, Redondo Beach CA

I wanted to follow up and tell you that I am still buzzing from your sessions at ECA! I came home excited and recharged as opposed to drained and exhausted after the conference. My husband noticed it immediately.

I have been wanting to make some changes in my life to focus on myself more and what makes me happy. I believe that you have given me some tools to be able to make those changes and be ok with it.

Thank you for sharing your story and your honesty. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

Laurie D - NYC. NY

It’s hard to put into words how fantastic and helpful this course has been for me!! Petra teaches simple ways to quickly recognize negative thought patterns, shut them down and turn on positive, happy creative energy. I found a goldmine of information and ideas that help make every day better – tough days and the good days! I had several eye opening, ah moments that shocked me. I’m finding more flourish at work and in my personal life. I love it! Thank you Petra and thank you CreativeLive!

Angela Yoshida, Sacramento CA