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Two years of traveling the world. Hundreds of adventures along the way. Interviews with remarkable females just like you, who are reinventing, rediscovering, and returning to a life of their own design. Join me here for all the updates, lessons and magic. It is time to shift our expectations and change the game of what it means to be a “Woman of a Certain Age.”

Buckle Up – this is going to be the ride of a lifetime – For both of us!

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Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right! And the difference between those who go for their dreams and those who sit on the sidelines, has very little to do with talent, and everything to do with believing in yourself and betting on your future. Join me for lifetime access to this course and learn the tools and strategies you can use daily, to craft a life of your own design and live a life of your dreams, instead of leaving your life with regrets. 



The Question

People who I have the privilege of working with will often hear me talk about the importance of high-powered questions. A high powered and carefully crafted question can be the gateway to a heart opening answer (or as Oprah calls it an Ah-Ha moment.) A...
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My Wish For You

That you don’t change who you are, but become more of who you are That you live from hope versus doubt That you know that the power that already resides inside you will grow stronger each time you bet on yourself and take the next...
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Interested or Committed?

What is still burning inside of you? This is the question that interests me, that is my fuel for the next year (or two) of travels. How committed are you to your life, your dreams, and to sharing your best self with the world? I...
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“There are in life a few moments so beautiful,that even words are a sort of profanity.”― Diana Palmer Not a lot to say here, as how does one begin to describe the very things that take your breath away? Here are a few images from...
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Getting Grounded

This image is my grounding place. A place I set up in each and every apartment I visit and call home whether for a week or a month. Light to pack and yet it is what I lean on in times of doubt and uncertainty....
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Day One

“Travel so far you will meet yourself.” It is November 23rd 2021, around Noon Barcelona time. I have arrived safely to my AirBnB, the wonderful host who had met me with the keys and given me a tour of the place had just left, I...
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What If?

Spoiler Alert. Everything is Negative. In a good way… Yesterday morning I had that moment, The moment you pray never comes, The moment when the floor falls away from you, you cannot feel your body, and everything around you seems to move a little further...
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Drop The “How” Find The “Why”

I’m sure you have heard time and time again the saying – focus on the “why” don’t worry about the “how.” While my head “got it” my heart “felt it” this past weekend. I believe: We all want to make a difference We are all...
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