Your Imperfect Voice Is More Valuable Than Your Perfect Silence!


Turning Doubt into Drive!

Every time I speak my mission is to leave the audience energized about the present, grateful for the past and excited for the future. Time is precious and I pack every minute of my talks with practical tools and techniques so that inspiration can be moved into action. All my keynotes are engaging, dynamic and interactive.

I am known for my passion, energy, and ability to connect with the audience while translating information into inspiration. I combine heart and hustle to deliver top-rated presentations and workshops that leave the audience with a renewed sense of optimism. I tap into the hearts and minds of the people I speak to, so they leave empowered, energized and ready to implement the changes needed to create a life of purpose and passion.

Rooted in the science of positive psychology I teach people and teams to flourish and thrive by reframing their focus, redefining their failures and refueling their passion by asking high powered questions.

It is my belief that to be at your happiest, most productive and living to your full potential you need to be: Moving your brain, Moving your body, Moving your breath, and for that reason, every presentation I offer has the audience out of their seats, interacting with those around them (not in an awkward way – I promise) to shift the energy and atmosphere of the room and uplevel the group mindset from one of stagnation to motivation.

My keynotes are designed to have your audience return to the world happier, more productive, energetic and engaged. They are the perfect fit to kick off your conference and create an atmosphere of collaboration, optimism and growth mindset that will be taken into the rest of the weekend.

All of my talks can be adapted for breakout sessions and half and full-day workshops, and are customizable depending on your specific audience and needs.



The Perfection Detox

The Confidence Catalyst For Your Life

Join me for a transformative experience in my keynote based on my best-selling book The Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your Joy.

This is more than a talk; it’s a bootcamp to boost your  confidence and courage.

Ever wondered if the pursuit of perfection is helping you soar or clipping your wings? This presentation is a gateway to unleashing your true potential by shifting from an all or nothing perfectionist to a mindset of possibility and unmet potentail. We’ll explore the hidden costs of perfection and celebrate the beauty in life’s messiness.

You’ll learn to evaluate whether perfection is a lift or a liability and how to embrace a growth mindset, so that you can maintain your ambition and energy while shedding the burdens that drain your joy.

This session is a roadmap to building a life and career that honors mistakes, learns from failure, and thrives amidst uncertainty. You’ll gain strategies to foster a culture where creativity and big ideas take flight. In our quest for perfection, we often overlook the power of good. Discover the magic of leading with collaboration and joy.

I’ll guide you in rethinking failure, reshaping expectations, and reigniting your life with wonder and curiosity. Let go of perfection and step into a world of amazing possibilities

Now that you don’t have to be perfect you can be amazing.

Books are available for purchase for your audience at a preferred rate.

Petra is amazing. She captivated over 500 Nurses in the room. One moment they were totally engaged and hanging on her very word and the next they were out of their seats, smiling and participating in the purposeful movement she was directing. In the 20 years of organizing this convention, she is the best keynote we have ever had.
Donna L. Murray, MSN,RN,APN, WHNP-BC - President New Jersey League for Nursing