The Practice

I’ve been thinking a lot about the practice.

The practice of showing up for our life fully. 

The practice of getting up over and over again after disappointments.

The practice of choosing ourselves even when we question ourselves.

The practice of taking action even on the days that we don’t feel like it

In a world where we see so many others (supposedly) practicing the perfect life, we can sometimes feel as though we are so far behind. And we can make the (false) assumption that it  is just too late to begin practicing living in a way that fully energizes and inspires us.

Today, I invite you to begin that practice.

The practice of choosing yourself.

The practice of believing in your dreams.

The practice of believing in yourself.

The practice of taking inspired action, even when you don’t “feel” ready or worthy.

Here are three ways to begin this practice: 

  1. Start where you are 
  2. Start today
  3. When stuck, ask yourself, “What would my future self choose to do?”