Interested or Committed?

What is still burning inside of you? This is the question that interests me, that is my fuel for the next year (or two) of travels.

How committed are you to your life, your dreams, and to sharing your best self with the world?

I have come to a recent conclusion that it is not enough to simply live an interesting life. We need to be committed to this life that while interesting also allows us to live a life of possibility, a life that, when we leave this world, we will have nothing left inside of us so that all of our living is out in the world with the intention of leaving it a little better than when we entered.

As I move across the mid way line of this epic adventure called life, my soul is getting restless. She realizes there is more time behind her than in front of her. She is also telling me (very loudly these days) that her voice and my actions are (currently) not in alignment.

2022 is the year of possibility, and as we step into the curtain call of this year, I invite you to consider these questions:

⭐️ What do you still have to say?
⭐️ What do you still have to do?
⭐️ What do you still have to learn?
⭐️ What do you still have to share?
⭐️ What do you still have to live?

These questions interest me, and I am committed to helping you (should you wish to accept the challenge) make sure that you do not get to the end of this life, with your best life still unlived.
Cheers to you my friend and all the living yet to do.