The Precipice of Longing and Belonging

And there will come a day when we stand at the precipice of our life, the years, days and minutes behind us and the time still to be consumed. 

When we reach the road that leads us to this mountain top, this moment in our life when all we have agreed to tolerate suddenly drops away – we will be asked to choose a path – the well worn road of the familiar, or the road yet to be explored of the unknown.

On the day that we reach this unexpected precipice, the life we are living no longer seems to fit. Suddenly the constraints of our past and who we have curated ourselves to be are too suffocating to bear, and the longing and desire for more comfort and connection in the present has become too painful to ignore.

When we no longer are listening to the noise that has drowned out the whispers of our heart for so long, we will be asked to make a decision. Am I prepared to let go of all that I know, the place of the familiar where we have resided for so long. Or do we take the leap into the unknown, the rarified air of breathing in the truth of who we are and being okay with all of it. Our desires, our yearnings, our disappointment and flaws – all of it.  

This precipice will move you to places you never knew existed. The price will be high as anxiety and fear will barrel in, and yet, if you stay long enough and are willing to stand on the edge long enough, your reward for meeting all of yourself and loving yourself as you become your best self, will be priceless.