Series: Health + Fitness

Episode 8. Gin Miller and How The Journey Begins With a Single Step

“Remember, When You Don’t Think You can Do Something, You Have 9 More Something’s Left” Gin Miller If you have ever been in a health club, you have seen a step. And if you have ever been in a step class or a sculpt class you have exercised on a step. And if Gin Miller had not gone to Reebok...
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Episode 4. Tamilee Webb on the Past, The Present & The Future of Fitness

“If I Can’t Bet On Myself, Who Can I Bet On?” Tamilee Webb Tamilee Webb is perhaps best known as the Buns, in the Buns of Steel Video series. To date, she has sold over 14 million workout videos and DVD’s, and is recognized as one of the pioneers in the world of health and fitness. In this episode, we...
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Episode 2. Todd Durkin Shares How To Build A Life Of Wow!

“To much is given, to much is required.” Todd Durkin Lying on his back on a football field in France with so many injuries that his budding NFL career was officially over, Todd Durkin realized that in a split second that both his body and his dreams were shattered. To avoid surgery, Todd went through five years of intense and painful...
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