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The Perfection Detox Podcast is an engaging show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door.

Season Three, which begins at Episode 100, is called Your Yes Life Now. What does it take for us to say “Helz Yes” to our own lives and dreams? Solo shows and guest interviews to help you live your “Yes” and “Best” life each and every day.

Season Two, which begins at Episode 78, is called The Business of Fitness, and no matter if you are in fitness full-time, part-time or none of the time, I know you will leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to create income as you share your impact.

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Episode 110: A Conversation about Race, Love, and Learning with Myrna Brady

“Everyday Is a New Day to Be a Better Version of Yourself” About Today’s Guest Myrna Brady has more than 27 years of combined Education, Fitness, Music, and  Business experience. She has a very eclectic and diversified background and has worked in management and or executive positions in each of the following areas, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Retail...
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Episode 109: The Self Reliant Entrepreneur With John Jantsch

“Believe The Dream” About Today’s Guest John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, and SEO for Growth. His newest work, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business taps into the wisdom of 19th-century transcendentalist literature and the author’s...
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Episode 108: The Crossroads Between Must, Should and Want

“What Is The Whisper That Will Not Leave You Alone?” Today’s episode is a solo show for this moment in time. While the word is still on a global pause, I invite you today to start moving ahead as you plant the seeds for tomorrow. There are many moments when we look back and see how our seemingly small choices...
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Episode 107: Susie Moore on How To Stop Checking Your Likes

“Success Is Generous” Today’s Guest Susie Moore is a former Silicon Valley Sales Director turned Life Coach and Advice Columnist. Her work has been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc, Marie Claire and she’s the resident Life Coach Columnist for Greatist. Susie’s work and insights have been shared by celebrities and thought...
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Episode 105: Staying Centered, Creating Community and Moving Forward

Staying Centered, Creating Community and Moving Forward So the show notes today are the resources that are helping me get through these unprecedented and challenging times and I hope they help you too. How To Stay Updated Without The Overwhelm The New York Times is offering free updates on the virus and you can find them here: Books on Creating...
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Episode 104: What I Learned From Oprah

“Stop the Swirl, Access the Quiet, Tap into the Whispers, Share with the World” Show Notes This week’s show is inspired by my recent experience at the Oprah Winfrey 2020 Vision Tour. Below are a few questions and insights from the day. I encourage you to print out these questions and take some time after this episode to get quiet,...
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Episode 103: Closing The Confidence Gap

Confidence is Trusting That You Will Show Up for Yourself Show Notes In this solo episode I walk you through a few of the steps that I take my clients through when working with them around the feelings of confidence. A few of the highlight takeaways are: Know your strengths and write them down on a post it note or...
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Episode 102: Kelly McGonigal on The Joy of Movement

Movement Can Be a Life Preserver About Today’s Guest Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University who specializes in understanding the mind-body connection. As a pioneer in the field of “science-help,” her mission is to translate insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies that support personal well-being and strengthen communities. She is the best-selling author of The Willpower...
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