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The Perfection Detox Podcast is a weekly show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door. Each Tuesday a new interview with a fantastic guest is released. They share their journey which always includes both their highlight reel AND their backstory.

The following Friday I drop a mini episode called the Friday Five. Five minutes, in which I share five tips and strategies from that week’s interview, designed to help you move inspiration into action.

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Episode 15: Friday Five With Greg Sellar

“Don’t Wait! Do Amazing Things Now” – Greg Sellar I love the fact that through technology I could have this week’s conversation with Greg Sellar. He was in Australia, and it was a Tuesday morning – while I was here in NYC on a Monday night. Both Greg and I have a passion for Neuroscience and Positive Psychology and practically...
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Episode 14: Hacking The Status Quo With Greg Sellar

“Look For The Song Beneath The Words” Greg Sellar I love this conversation with Greg Sellar as recently, we both have taken the deep dive into Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. He teaches everything that I believe in and I am excited to share the path that Greg is taking with you today. Greg shares how he began his fitness career...
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Episode 13: Friday 5 With Lisa Condie

“Reconnect With Joy, Reconnect With Passion” Lisa Condie This week Lisa whisked us all away to Italy to help us remember the important things in life, slowing down, nurturing and strengthening relationships and listening to our intuition. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with the author of I Found Myself in Tuscany, Lisa Condie Can you...
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Episode 12: Getting Lost To Find Yourself With Lisa Condie

“When I Could Forgive Myself, I Could Forgive Other People” Lisa Condie Lisa was one of the first people to ever hire me to come and present a workshop at her facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. To this day I am grateful for her belief in my work before I had ever appeared in a VHS or DVD. It was...
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Episode 11: Friday 5 With Kathy Smith

“What Do I Want My Next Step To Be?” Kathy Smith I was a fan of Kathy Smith for at least a decade before I met her in person and when we did meet face to face, she was everything I had hoped for in a fitness icon and more. I have watched how she constantly evolves and is always at...
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Episode 10: Kathy Smith On Fitness, Family And BLT’s

“Each One Of Us Has Majesty Within Us” Kathy Smith Recorded a week before Kathy left for Rio Brazil to cheer and support her daughter Kate Grace in the Olympics, Kathy and I sat down to talk about her past, her present and her magnificent future both inside and out of the fitness industry. Side note Grace made it to...
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Episode 9. Friday Five – Sharing and Giving

“Be Compassionate, Be Honest, Be Funny” – Gin Miller To have had the opportunity to sit down with Gin Miller and catch up with her after not spending time in person for several years was such a treat. The minute Gin opened the door to her home it was as though we had seen each other yesterday. She is one...
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Episode 8. Gin Miller and How The Journey Begins With a Single Step

“Remember, When You Don’t Think You can Do Something, You Have 9 More Something’s Left” Gin Miller If you have ever been in a health club, you have seen a step. And if you have ever been in a step class or a sculpt class you have exercised on a step. And if Gin Miller had not gone to Reebok...
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Episode 7. Friday Five – Double Down On Your Strengths

“Small Steps Over Many Days Build More Momentum Than You Think.” Jenny Blake Jenny Blake is quite possibly my favorite millennial that I know. Young at heart, with an old soul she shared so much wisdom this week on how to balance work and recovery, purpose and play. Here are my five favorite questions and takeaways from this week’s conversation...
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Episode 6. Jenny Blake and The Powerful Pivot Process

“Double Down On Your Existing Strengths!” Jenny Blake Learn how Jenny Blake came to write her second book Pivot, The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, with zero dollars in her bank account and how she turned a potential crisis into a pivot. Through self-discovery and research, she came to a conclusion that a “Pivot” is both gender and...
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