Episode 1: Welcome to The Ambitious Procrastinator

Welcome To The Ambitious Procrastinator

In this inaugural episode of The Ambitious Procrastinator, I, Petra Kolber, delve into the heart of what this podcast is about – helping you align your actions with your ambitions. Whether you’re held back by a lack of clarity, consistency, or courage, this show is your go-to resource for overcoming procrastination and turning your dreams into reality.

What’s In Store

Short, Actionable Episodes: Expect solo episodes around 15 minutes long, packed with strategies and tips to combat procrastination.

Monthly Interviews: Once a month, I’ll bring on guests who have successfully navigated their procrastination to achieve remarkable things.

My Journey: I share my personal journey, from starting my first podcast in 2016 to the various reiterations that reflect my growth over the years. I discuss the importance of embracing change and allowing oneself to evolve rather than being stuck in the past.

Embracing Ambition: I touch on my experiences, from writing my book “The Perfection Detox” to learning how to DJ, traveling through Europe, and working as a vice president of mindset and personal development. These stories highlight the importance of taking small, consistent steps towards our goals, rather than getting caught up in the grand gestures that look good on social media.

The Heart of the Show: At its core, The Ambitious Procrastinator is about bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s about showing up imperfectly, taking action, and building a life that excites you.

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