Episode 3. Friday Five – A Weekend of Wow

“What Are You Willing To Do With Your Gifts?” Todd Durkin

Todd shared so many nuggets this past week that it was hard for me to pick just five action steps, but here are the five questions we explore in this week’s Friday Five. All of these were inspired by my recent conversation with Todd Durkin.

  1. How can You become 1% better? What is one thing you can change this weekend to move the needle 1% closer to being the best version of you?
  2. What do You know for sure that You can do? We all have our strengths but most of us tend to focus on the things that we feel need improving. What do you know for sure that you are good at?
  3. How do You use the power of music to power Your life? – Make a soundtrack for the weekend
  4. How do You “Get Your Mind Right?” Manage your mornings, manage your mind and manage your life!
  5. What is Your Mantra – or a saying that empowers You? Our words direct our focus and our attention. Choose the good ones.

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