Episode 7. Friday Five – Double Down On Your Strengths

“Small Steps Over Many Days Build More Momentum Than You Think.” Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is quite possibly my favorite millennial that I know. Young at heart, with an old soul she shared so much wisdom this week on how to balance work and recovery, purpose and play. Here are my five favorite questions and takeaways from this week’s conversation with the author of Pivotthe only move that matters is your next one Jenny Blake.

  1. What is something you know for sure that you can double down on? Write down your strengths and take a moment to see if there are one or two innate strengths that you could develop and strengthen to help you create a more stable foundation from which to build a life of passion and purpose.
  2.  Is there a pivot of any size happening in your life right now, forced or by choice? If this pivot brings on a sense of urgency or anxiety can you reframe it in your mindset to view it as an opportunity versus a challenge? And who can you ask to be your accountability partner in this pivot and someone you can both ask for help and have you stay on track and on task which in turn will move you closer to creating a life of possibility and potential
  3. Jenny mentioned that her body is her business, how well are you taking care of your business?– I know for me personally that when I take care of my body by feeding it good thoughts, high-quality nutrition and getting the sleep I need that I operate at a much higher level of focus and energy. Is there something in your life that you need to adjust to help you maximize your output? Perhaps more sleep, maybe reducing the amount of sugar or processed foods, or simply drinking more water? What is one small tweak you can make to elevate the quality of what you are putting into your body, be it your food or the nutrition for your mind – your thoughts.
  4. Small steps every day will build more momentum than you think. Can you do a 30-day challenge? 15 minutes every day where you pick one small step that will move you closer to your goal or vision. One small thing, every day and take no more than 15 minutes. I look forward to hearing how you do. Perhaps use the same accountability partner and support each other each day on the pivot journey.
  5. Jenny invited us to set a vision but not so far out that it becomes overwhelming. With it being January and the beginning of the year it is the perfect time to revisit the questions Jenny mentioned on Tuesday:
    1. What does your one-year vision look like?
    2. What is your ideal average day look like?
    3. Who are your ideal clients or community?
    4. What kind of impact do you want to have on others? Don’t need to be too specific –no pressure here
    5. What is working well for your life right now?

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