Episode 65: Friday Five With Joy Prouty

“Stop, Listen, Feel Your Life” Joy Prouty

  1. Joy talked about the importance of always learning. She believes it keeps us young, it keeps as curious, and keeps us engaged in life. As you know recently I have begun to study how to be a DJ. As frustrating as it sometimes can be, it keeps me in the moment, in flow and my brain engaged. Are you involved in learning something new that allows you to stretch your comfort zone? Is there is something you have been wanting to try but have not gotten around to it because of either a lack of time or because you are afraid of not being able to do it perfectly? Can you take one step this weekend that will move you back into the learners seat? Maybe it’s going online and seeing what resources are available to you. Perhaps it’s asking a friend if they be interested in joining you. Or maybe it’s going to the library and doing some research to see what it would take to pursue your new passion. This weekend I invite you to take one step that could reignite your curiosity.
  2. Joy talked about keeping good community around us at all times. I’ve also witnessed the power of strong friendships. Reflect upon the people closest to you. Are they all they all the same age? Do they have varied interests? Do they live close to you, or do most of them live far away? This is a good time to check in with your heart and the strength of your social relationships. More importantly the relationships that happen face-to-face and heart to heart. Many times we can feel connected online but in reality we actually have very little day to day physical interaction, this can leave us feeling both alone and lonely. What is one thing you could do expand and strengthen your relationships, both old and new?
  3. Joy and I both talked about never being too old to start something new. Yet sometimes it can feel as though it is too late to try something that we have never done before. Is there a dream or a goal you have been putting off because you feel it is too late or that you are too old? What if your goals were really your dreams but with a timeline attached. Imagine what you would do if you knew you would not fail. Remember FAIL – stands for first attempts in learning. You cannot learn if you do not try.
  4. Joy talked a lot about luck. Oprah said that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. In my opinion Joy has created a lot of her own luck both in her life and in her career. Joy mentioned flying herself down to meet Gin Miller before she knew that was a real opportunity, and I have be known to fly myself to meetings just to get face time with the person I am hoping to work with. Is there something you could do to create more of your own luck? Is there someone you could reach out to? Is there someone you could mentor with? or is there someone you could ask to help you? We can never fulfill our dreams without asking for help. And when you ask for help you may get some no’s, but who knows when the next person will say yes. Today I invite you to put on your cape of courage, and make that call, send that email, take that trip to get that face-to-face time, and move one step closer to creating more luck in your life.
  5. Joy talked about the importance of knowing who you are and to not with those around you. I often talk about the importance of knowing our strengths, and when we work from our strengths while still knowing the areas we still can improve upon – we will do our best work. When we look to others for inspiration and motivation, but the only comparison we make, is comparing our yesterday to our today, we can collaborate expand and grow.

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