Episode 43: Friday Five With Keli Roberts

“Find Your Spirit” Keli Roberts

  1. Is there something in your life that you are passionate about, a place where all feels well and good with the world? Keli talks about her passion and how cycling felt good for her soul.  If you have a passion project can you carve out more time to make sure it is always a part of your week? If you are not currently doing something that you feel passionate about, take the time to try new things, keep going until you hit that sweet spot between being challenged and being engaged. Passion is fuel for our spirit.
  2. What keeps you being OK with yourself?  For Keli it is meditation, for me, it is treating myself with compassion. Do you need to add more compassion and empathy into your own life? Can you be your own best friend? How are you talking to yourself? How are you treating yourself?
  3. What tiny habits can you create? Keli reminded us about the power of tiny habits and that tiny habits over time will create a snowball effect. These healthy actions and behaviors as they become stronger will support your life and your dreams. What tiny habit can you begin today that will start the ripple effect? What can you start to do that will move into a powerful life where you live up to your potential?
  4. What gives you purpose? Keli talked about the sense of purpose she feels when she trains people to become healthier and stronger so they can be in a body that is agile, fit and strong. A body that can carry them into a life of adventure and purpose. Enthusiasm for life can only be equal to the energy we carry in our body.  What gives you purpose? Why do your get up every morning? What do you get excited about? THIS is your way of life and your why to life. One of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself is, “What is my Why?”
  5. What can you do this week to bring more mindfulness to your day? There is not a person I have spoken to recently that doesn’t talk about the power of meditation. Keli does a simple short meditation each morning. I practice doing a morning ritual mindfully, from brushing my teeth to making my bed. In a world where technology is pulling us in a million directions and is moving faster and faster, becoming still and being ok in the stillness is something we all need to work on.

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