Episode 4: Unsticking Yourself: How to Overcome the Four Cs of Procrastination

In this episode, I dive into the four roadblocks that often hinder us from taking action and achieving our goals: clarity, consistency, confidence, and comparison. Inspired by a social media post I made about the “Four Cs of Procrastination,” I explore each of these obstacles and provide practical strategies to overcome them.

I begin by discussing the importance of clarity in goal-setting. Many people know what they want to achieve but struggle with determining the first step. To overcome this, I suggest reverse engineering your goal. By starting with the end in mind and working backward, you can break down your goal into manageable steps, making it easier to take action.

Next, I address the need for consistency in pursuing our goals. I share my personal struggle with financial procrastination and the importance of consistently taking small steps towards financial responsibility. Whether it’s setting up automatic deposits or investing regularly, I highlight the significance of staying consistent in our actions.

Moving on to the topic of confidence, I discuss how it can often be a roadblock to taking action. I share my own experience of feeling hesitant to ask for help with my finances due to shame and a lack of knowledge. However, I emphasize that confidence is not a prerequisite for action. Instead, I encourage listeners to take action first and build confidence through competence. I introduce the concept of the “circle of confidence,” where we continuously iterate and improve upon our initial actions.

Lastly, I address the detrimental habit of comparison. I caution against comparing ourselves to others, as it can rob us of joy and hinder our progress. While it’s important to learn from and be inspired by others, I emphasize the need to stay in our own lane and focus on our own journey.

Join me in this episode as we tackle the four Cs of procrastination and empower ourselves to take action and achieve our goals.

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