Episode 28: Tracey Mallett Talks Barre, Booty And A Brain Tumor

“Work Around The No!” Tracey Mallett

I had no idea that Tracey’s and my backstory, on how we entered the world to fitness were so similar. After years of auditions in London and both of us becoming tired of the day to day grind, although at different times we both decided to audition for a cruise ship and that is how we came to the United States. It was also through working on the cruise ships at sea that led us to the high seas of fitness.

We talk about how we both were enamored with America and in the back of our minds, even though we didn’t know how we were going to get there, we both knew that this was the place we needed to be. Tracey and I share our love of England, and we also talk about the difference in mentality between the English where we are warned not to dream too big and get too big for our own good versus the United States where you are encouraged to dream as big as you can.

Tracey shares the 10,000 hours that led to her “over overnight success” and the resilience it took to stay afloat during the long hours and many days of not knowing if her future was certain as she created Booty Barre. It was when her back was up against the wall and money was tight that she decided to step into the next phase of her business and create her own methodology. She shares the hard, hard, work it took to get to where she is today and that it was her work ethic and working around the no’s, that brought her to where she is today. Tracey talks about how the barre work is something that she had been studying since she was 16 and at the Italia Conti School and it made complete sense for her to progress into creating her own methodology.

We discuss her relationship with food and exercise and that it took some ups and downs to come to arrive at a place of peace that she has these days in terms of her fitness and body image. We also talk about social media. Tracey finds it a positive influence for her business and also the negative effects that can happen if we don’t keep our expectations real.

We go back to when Tracey’s life was put on hold when she found out that she had a brain tumor that was the size of a golf ball. After seven hours of brain surgery, Tracey thrived and rehabbed quickly. However, the lessons she learned through this process have transformed her life today. She has become a warrior for wellness and insists on not always taking the first answer, especially when it comes to your health. Trust your intuition and listen to your body.

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More About Tracey

World-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett continues to revolutionize the exercise world with her body changing techniques designed specifically for time-crunched individuals and her creation of the hugely popular workout, “The Booty Barre” – a growing favorite among celebrities. With her infectious personality, well-choreographed workouts and expertise in getting the entire body fit, Mallett’s roles span from television host to author to creator of a best-selling line of dance and fitness-based DVDs. Having sold over one million units to date, Mallett is an International Fitness and Wellness Expert, dancer, choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor who is teaching around the world. Mallett owns her own fitness and Pilates studio in Los Angeles, and is currently certifying trainers worldwide in “The Booty Barre” technique. She’s also a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA), as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN), a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Method Alliance, and a Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructor.Mallett is a regular contributor who delivers carefully crafted workouts that have appeared in dozens of publications including Prevention, Shape, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, Pilates Style and Self. Mallett has hosted several infomercials and appears regularly on TV including Good Morning New York, The Style Network for E! Entertainment, Access Hollywood, KTLA’s Morning Show, KABC and others. She recently appeared on Ellen joining First Lady Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, and a group of excited school children in an exercise routine developed by Mallett as part of the “Let’s Move” campaign. This was a dream come true for her, as one of her passions in life is to find ways for kids to be active, combating childhood obesity through movement and healthy nutrition. Mallett is also currently a Fitness Advisor for Golds Gym and works as a guest fitness host for ShopNBC.
A former professional dancer, Mallett also specializes in pre- and postnatal fitness and has presented her workshops at many major professional fitness conferences domestically and internationally. She has been a fitness professional for over 20 years and prides her self on being an innovator with the latest trends in the fitness industry.
Mallett has made it her mission to guide and motivate people – especially other busy moms — to boost weight loss and fitness with simple, practical exercise and diet solutions. “I’ve always loved to dance and like many other instructors, initiated Pilates classes because I had a back injury… and because I hated my thighs,” she says with a laugh. “I also gained 50 pounds during each pregnancy and — like most of America — I must modify the way I exercise and eat as I get older. So I appreciate and understand these obstacles to a healthier lifestyle … and I’m here to help!”
Born in the United Kingdom, Mallett began studying dance at the age of three and was later accepted at London’s Premier Theatre Arts School, The Italia Conti (former alumni include Tracey Ullman and Naomi Campbell). After successfully completing her studies, she embarked on a career of musical theater, acting and dancing – mostly ballet and jazz– across Europe, and landed in the United States in 1996.
Mallett resides in Pasadena, California with her husband and their two amazing children Amber and Ty.

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