Episode 25: Friday Five With Jen Groover

“When You Commit Something To The Universe, The Universe Will Conspire To Align” Jen Groover

Jen Groover is a non-stop source of inspiration and motivation and in this week’s conversation, she provided so many solid action steps that anyone at any time can implement into their life. Whether you are a teacher, mother, entrepreneur or have a yearning to put an idea out into the world – here are my Friday Five Favorites that will help you fast track your dreams into reality.

1. What can you say “Yes” to before you know it is going to work? Jen talks about the fact that there are a million ideas out in the world but it is only the people who put action behind them, that move their dreams into reality. I have heard it said that ideas are worth nothing, and action is everything. What Idea have you been holding onto? What idea can you put action behind to move it out of your head and heart and into the world?
What if it worked?
Why not you?

2. FEAR – Jen talks about playing small to our own potential. Our fear is often the silent force that stops us from taking action. What is one thing you can do today to move your fear into the sidecar of your life? What is one thing you can do today to move your potential and passion into the drivers seat of your life?

3. What Mantra can you create to remind yourself of the powerful human being that you are? Jen’s mantra is “I have more fear of regret than a fear of failure.” My Mantra is “Be Here Now” and “It does not need to be perfect to make a difference.
Write your power phrase down on post-it notes, on index cards and place them wherever you can see them throughout your day. Plant small reminders to help you stay buoyant when those doubt demons trickle into your life.

4. Is there something that is feeling super hard to get accomplished right now? Jen talks about the balance between ideas and timing and the difference between being persistent and consistent. If something feels as though it is too hard to get out into the world it may just be the timing. What would happen if you stopped pushing so much, eased up and allow for it to unfold in its right time?
Do you have an idea journal? Create a space to write down all your ideas so that you can allow yourself to dream, stay inspired and free think. One day the right time will appear for the right idea – be ready –stay inspired – don’t fall asleep

5. What is one thing on your to-do list that seems daunting? – that one thing that you keep moving to the bottom of your list. Jen talks about the process she has in place that allows her to take seemingly difficult tasks and simplify the process.  Sit down and break up your monster item into bite sized. Create doable mini steps and complete one each day. As Jen says “stop future tripping” Each night plan the night before for your magnificent tomorrow. That includes organizing your purse, your desk, and your mindset.

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