Episode 23: Friday Five With Cathe Friedrich

“You Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Get To The Next Level” Cathe Friedrich

Cathe has over thirty years of experience and success in the fitness industry. With her wealth of knowledge, it was hard to pick just five tips from our conversation this week. Here are my five favorites that I think will be wonderful reminders for creating a life that enables you to flourish and thrive.

  1. Is there something you have put on the back burner that you have been wanting to explore? Cathe talks about her love of learning and always staying curious. She is constantly learning and evolving, which allows her to stay relevant and always on the forefront of fitness. If there is something that you have been wanting to explore go online and see if there is an introductory class or video you can watch. It’s never been easier to learn more about something you are interested in.  Carve out time in your week to step into a beginner’s mind and begin learning something new.
  1. Is there someone in your circle that you could partner up with and help move your passion and projects out into the world? Cathe talks about the importance of partnering with people who complement the strengths you already have. When we double up our strengths we can work together to expand the reach and impact of our message.  If you are creative team up with someone who is great at project management and if you are fantastic at execution but are not an “idea” person – partner up with a creative who needs your help organizing their ideas. Ideas die in isolation and thrive in collaboration
  1. Cathe talks about the importance of integrity and always doing the right thing. I do believe that integrity is black or white. You either have it or you don’t, and once you lose it you can never get it back. Today check in with your heart and make sure that all your actions, the big and the small are in alignment with your highest values
  1. Is there something you can do today to expand your courage zone? Is there something that you could accomplish today to take one small step towards your dreams? Cathe talks about the courage and skillset needed to step out of our comfort zone and stretch our courage. Today take a step and complete one task that says “Yes” to your dreams.
  1. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed what do you do to refill your energy tank of goodness? Cathe talked about the moments when she feels as though she is coming undone, and that this is a signal for her to move into radical self-care. Is there something you can take off your plate this week to create a little more space for self-reflection and self-care?

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