Episode 21: Friday Five With Jon Giswold

“Live Your Life So That It Is Not A Once Upon A Time Story, But Is A Time That Happened Once” Jon Giswold

Jon and I go back over 30 years and he is truly one in a million. He was my idol when I first began teaching, became my mentor for several years and now is my best friend who lives two blocks away from me in NYC. Jon shared so much wisdom this week on the importance of kindness and empathy along with many other nuggets. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with fitness and lifestyle expert Jon Giswold.

  1. Can you put your phone away for 15 minutes and create one more face-to-face moment? Jon Talked about the importance of kindness and about moving from behind our screens and out into the real world and bringing compassion and empathy with us. Be it a smile to a stranger, a hug for a friend or opening a door for someone behind you. Can you get out into the world and carry out a random act of kindness today?
  1. Are you able to listen more actively today? Jon talks about the skill set of being a listener. Listening is not a passive act and skilled listening requires us to remove any expectations from how a conversation is going to work out. Can you be a conversation without waiting for, and already writing the script for, what the other person is going to say? Today I invite you to listen without trying to fix anything. Simply hold a safe and compassionate space for the person in front of you.
  1. Is there something you can do today to increase you level of passion and curiosity? Jon talks about keeping the passion and curiosity in life and the importance always remaining the student. When is the last time you did something for the first time?
  1. Can you diversify your skills in some way? Jon talked about the importance of diversification within the industry he is in which is fitness. Is there one thing you can do to share your work and your message in a different way than you are now? For me recently it was this podcast. What is one thing you can do expand your reach so that your wisdom and knowledge can extend to more people?
  1. Can you let your magic shine? Jon talked about the time when his nephew asked him “what does it like to be magic” YOU are magical, and by owning your own story you allow yourself to sprinkle your magic on others. Can you let a little more of yourself out into the world today? Can you shine your light a light brighter and then spread your light so you can illuminate the life of those around you?

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