Episode 13: Friday 5 With Lisa Condie

“Reconnect With Joy, Reconnect With Passion” Lisa Condie

This week Lisa whisked us all away to Italy to help us remember the important things in life, slowing down, nurturing and strengthening relationships and listening to our intuition. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with the author of I Found Myself in Tuscany, Lisa Condie

  1. Can you lose yourself to find yourself? Is there a day trip you have been meaning to take, a museum that you have been longing to visit or maybe a restaurant that serves a cuisine you have yet to taste? In the next few days can you step out of the familiar and explore a new town, a new restaurant a new culture?
  2. Is there a dream that has become a yearning in your life? Can you share your dream with three people you trust?
  3. Is there a relationship in your life that you could tend to? Be it with family, friends or business partners. What is something you can do over the next few days to cultivate and strengthen that partnership?
  4. How is your relationship with your inner self? Can you have a date night? Take yourself out to dinner or a movie? Turn off the TV and take a bath and read. Shut off the noise, get quiet, and begin to tune into what you and your heart need.
  5. When is the last time you slowed down, sat still long enough to hear your soul speak? If your soul were to speak to you what would be the first thing he or she would say?

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