Episode 11: Friday 5 With Kathy Smith

“What Do I Want My Next Step To Be?” Kathy Smith

I was a fan of Kathy Smith for at least a decade before I met her in person and when we did meet face to face, she was everything I had hoped for in a fitness icon and more.

I have watched how she constantly evolves and is always at the forefront of the fitness industry. Kathy continues to carve her unique path on her journey and as she does so, she inspires people all over the world to engage in a healthier lifestyle. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with one of the pioneers of health and fitness – Kathy Smith

  1. Are You Mindful or Is Your Mind full? Kathy talked about the shift in her daughter’ What is one thing you can do to become less distracted and more fully engaged in the present moment? Is it minding your technology, perhaps it is dropping the idea of multi-tasking and attending to one thing at a time – or maybe it is pausing now and then and asking yourself “Am I fully awake?”
  1. How would your morning change if you spent a few minutes meditating? Kathy talks about how she incorporates meditation into her morning ritual and how it helps her prepare for her day. How would your morning change if you spent a few minutes meditating? One to Five minutes – start there. It could be as simple as fully paying attention to your breath and following it as it enters and leaves your body.
  1. Is there something you have wanted to explore and learn but have yet to take the next steps? Kathy talked about how she loves to learn and is a constant student of life. I often say we can only inspire others to the degree that we are inspired ourselves. Over the next few days carve out some time and research what courses and resources are available to you. Whether it is photography, writing, baking or learning a new language – pretty much everything is available to you – and is all at the touch of your fingertips. If you are like me and already spend a lot of time behind a computer go a step further and see if there are any live or in person classes that you can attend,
  1. When your inner Judge Judy rears her ugly head – is there something you do to soften her voice? I laughed when Kathy talked about our itty-bitty- shitty committee and please tell me you have one too? Is there a mantra that you repeat or an action step you do to stop those negative voices – the voices that rarely do anything to help us.
  1. Kathy talked a lot about gratitude, and I am so happy to hear more and more thought leaders discussing this important tool that we all have – just one breath or thought away. Right now, stop, place your hand over your heart say one thing that you are grateful for. Now let that feeling wash over you. Perhaps you can also use gratitude as an additional resource to quiet your itty- bitty- shitty committee – as gratitude and judgment cannot exist in the same space

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