The Longest Distance You Will Ever Travel Is From Your Head To Your Heart

Let Me Help You Enjoy The Journey

Hi There,

Thank you for stopping by. I help individuals and teams get unstuck so they can be unstoppable.

My work whether speaking, writing, coaching, podcasting, or even DJ’ing, is inspired and influenced by the science of Positive Psychology.

I combine the skills of mindset coaching, the neuroscience of the brain, along with my 30 plus years of experience as a wellness expert, to help bring out the best in the amazing individuals I have the privilege of working with.

Our thoughts create our feelings which drive our actions and in turn our results. I help individuals amp up the positive and dial down the negative, so they become more engaged, energized, productive and successful – all without sacrificing their happiness.

  • My happy place is on stage working with large audiences
  • My superpower is being able to make everyone in the audience feel as though I am speaking to them individually
  • I love NYC but feel at home anywhere there is a good coffee shop and a Trader Joe’s
  • I love music, coffee, chocolate, and to travel
  • My soul goal is to spend a year traveling the world and writing my second book while doing so

I look forward to the opportunity to get to know more about you.

Everything begins with a thought.

I am here to help you choose, believe, and fuel your life with the good ones.


Grateful Recognition

Moments & Milestones

25 years, 30+ countries, 1000 presentations and counting

Guest host for the online fitness and wellness show Daily Burn 365

2020 Named One of The Fitness Gurus over 50 to follow

2019 Learnt to DJ and became the resident DJ for a NYC Boutique Hotel

2019 The Perfection Detox was released. It hit number one on Amazon new releases and has been translated into Spanish and French

2018 Canadian Fitness Professionals Specialty Presenter of the Year

2016 Canadian Fitness Professionals International Presenter of the Year

2016 Sara City Mania Female Presenter of the Year

One of America’s Top Female Trainers by Spry Living

One of Three Women Who Wow by Lee Jeans

Winner of The Fitness Inspiration Award by Health Magazine

Voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by The New York Times

Fitness Instructor of the Year by IDEA Health and Fitness Association

Four-time Winner of The ECA Best Female Presenter of the Year Award

Consulted for Leading Companies

California Walnuts




Acacia Media

Health Magazine

Yes Fitness Music

Featured with Inspirational Athletes

Dara Torres

George Foreman

Nancy Kerrigan

Co-Created the First-Ever Pitch Control App for the Smartphone

Revolutionized the fitness world by giving instructors the ability to control the tempo of their music (and the spring in students’ steps) directly from the palm of their hand.

Fitness History

For over 20 years I have been blessed to be embraced by the consumer. I choreographed and starred in over 100 award winning workouts (on television shows, DVDs, and good old-fashioned VHS)