What Is Your One Thing?

What is your one thing?

That one thing that is stopping you from creating your some-thing?

That one thing that is standing between you and you sharing your “thing?”

What is that one thing that does not belong in your next thing?

What if that one thing – was noth- ing?

But it stopped you from being your every-thing

This is my one thing

It feels like such a big thing

A weight, a worry a burden …… it has been my one thing for many things

What will “they” say – or think – or judge? You get the picture !!!!!

I speak on this one thing almost daily

And now it is time for this one thing to also be my no-thing

This one thing stops me from sharing so many things

As I build my best possible future and as I find my way in this amazing yet ever changing world

I have to let go of this one – thing

Because if I don’t – I will never be able to share my every-thing

With you

So today I let go of my one-thing

Tomorrow I will promise to do the same

And the next day

And the next

Until my one – thing becomes no-thing

What is your one- thing?

That is stopping you from sharing your big thing

That is standing between you and your dream thing

I stand here with you and as I release my one thing – I invite you to do the same

So that together

We can build, create, share our something and in turn help others do the same.