The Crossroads

Each morning we are at a crossroads. The things on our to-do list, the important list, the busy list, the things on everyone else’s list and on and on. Which way will we go? and where will we decide to place our time and attention?

Somewhere between all the business, deciding and doing there is another list which lies in our heart, our wish list. And on this list is one simple statement, so small of a list that it often gets drowned out by the lists of life. The keeping up, the catching up, and maybe even the living up, to other people’s expectations.

But when we get still, and sit long enough to remove ourselves from the demands of life, this small, yet so important list will slowly rise up and to the forefront of our consciousness. On this list is our heart’s calling.

This list will show up every so often on its own. The whisper that comes to you when you are out in nature soaking in a sunrise, or sitting and watching your favorite movie with the perfect ending. The pang of longing that washes over you when you hear a favorite song as you grab a coffee from your local coffee shop, or that powerful wave of emotion that rises up when you say goodbye to a friend or loved one after some time together.

This longing and wanting, these yearnings and whispers are your heart’s list of desires and dreams. On the outside looking in, it may not look that interesting to others, however this is the calling of your heart, that if not completed by the time your body transitions from this world, will move from a longing to a regret.

So today I invite you to sit still, turn inward and pay deep attention to the whispers. Your heart is never wrong and this is the list to pay attention to and place your attention on.