Welcome To The Show

It is 2024 and I am back with a mission: To help Ambitious Procrastinators match their actions with their ambition and move their doubts into high velocity drive. New episodes release each Friday.

What to Expect

Short, Actionable Episodes: Expect solo episodes around 15 minutes long, packed with strategies and tips to combat procrastination.

Monthly Interviews: Once a month, I’ll bring on guests who have successfully navigated their procrastination to achieve remarkable things.

Below is a recap of my previous shows:

The Age of Possibility: Episode 1-18. I started a new channel in 2022 for a short lived but heartfelt series. This show was for anyone who felt there is more time behind them than ahead, but especially women who were ready to kick it up a notch.

Your Yes Life Now: Episode 100 to 110. What does it take for us to say “Helz Yes” to our own lives and dreams? Solo shows and guest interviews to help you live your “Yes” and “Best” life each and every day.

The Business of Fitness: Episode 78 to 99. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, you are in fitness full-time, part-time or none of the time, I know you will leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to create income as you share your impact.

The Perfection Detox: Episode 1 to 77. Based on my first book, these conversations are designed to help you Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely and Unleash Your Joy.

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Episode 14: The Confidence Circle: How to Trust Yourself and Take Action

I encourage you to listen to this show as you walk. In this podcast episode, I talk about confidence and share personal experiences of lacking confidence in the past. We discuss the six pillars of self-esteem by Nathaniel Brandon, emphasizing the need for self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, and living consciously and purposefully to enhance confidence and tools that you can use to take inspires action - before you think you are ready. Toward the end of the show, I ask five empowering questions to help you tap into your inner coach. There is music and time for you to reflect built in so you can use the power of movement to help you strengthen your confidence muscle.


Morocco is a country that will, love you, celebrate you, bring out the best in you….. And Morocco will challenge you, question you, and bring out the doubt in you….. You will be blinded by the colors, overwhelmed by the sounds, and uprooted from all...
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Episode 79: Lashaun Dale on The Business of Fitness

“Find The Gold Within Each Lesson” About Todays Guest Raised in Nature, schooled in the city, Lashaun Dale has been described by the media and her peers as a creative genius, futurist and disruptive business leader. If you ask her what she does, Lashaun would reply...
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Episode 55: Friday Five With Susie Moore

“Step In The Way Of Inspiration” Susie Moore We all had dreams or a vision and it was probably when someone shared their more than likely negative opinion about it or us that our dreams took a back seat. Is there something that you long...
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