Podcast: The Perfection Detox

Episode 67: Friday Five With Tricia Brouk

“You’ve Been Invited To The Table For A Reason – Trust That” Tricia Brouk Can you feel the fear and do it anyway? Tricia mentioned that she does not allow fear to get in the way of her going for her dreams. What is it...
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Episode 66: Tricia Brouk On The Big Talk

“Stop Selling and Start Inspiring” Tricia Brouk Disclaimer: At 53:50 we have the first F Bomb ever on the show and it is perfectly placed. I have known Tricia for many years and first remember seeing Tricia when she was dancing in the Ben Munisteri...
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Episode 65: Friday Five With Joy Prouty

“Stop, Listen, Feel Your Life” Joy Prouty Joy talked about the importance of always learning. She believes it keeps us young, it keeps as curious, and keeps us engaged in life. As you know recently I have begun to study how to be a DJ....
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Episode 64: Joy Prouty On Dancing Through Life

“It Was Love At First Step” Joy Prouty We recorded this on Valentine’s Day at the Zumba headquarters in Florida. Please enjoy the background atmosphere at no extra charge:) What a privilege to grab an hour with my mentor and fitness icon Joy Prouty. In...
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Episode 63: Friday Five With Dr. Kerry Burnight

“Aging Well is about Enjoying What Is, Instead of Focusing on What Was” Dr. Kerry Burnight It’s time to diversify your social portfolio: I loved this idea of not only diversifying our finances, as we get older but also our friendships. Dr. Burnight encourages us to...
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Episode 61: Friday Five With Mindy And Bruce Mylrea

“When You Know Your Why, The How Is Easier To Implement” Mindy and Bruce Mylrea Fill the cracks and the gaps. Mindy saw a need in fitness and then created a methodology to fill the need. There is a huge leap of faith that is taken...
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