Series: Inspiration

Episode 16: Jeremy Newman On How Death Saved His Life!

“Speak Into Existence, What You Want In Your Life” Jeremy Newman Probably one of the most joyous and grateful people I know. Let Jeremy lift you up and remind you of the extra-ordinary in the most ordinary of days. From being a Hollywood personal trainer...
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Episode 14: Hacking The Status Quo With Greg Sellar

“Look For The Song Beneath The Words” Greg Sellar I love this conversation with Greg Sellar as recently, we both have taken the deep dive into Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. He teaches everything that I believe in and I am excited to share the path...
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Episode 10: Kathy Smith On Fitness, Family And BLT’s

“Each One Of Us Has Majesty Within Us” Kathy Smith Recorded a week before Kathy left for Rio Brazil to cheer and support her daughter Kate Grace in the Olympics, Kathy and I sat down to talk about her past, her present and her magnificent...
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Episode 6. Jenny Blake and The Powerful Pivot Process

“Double Down On Your Existing Strengths!” Jenny Blake Learn how Jenny Blake came to write her second book Pivot, The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, with zero dollars in her bank account and how she turned a potential crisis into a pivot. Through...
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Episode 2. Todd Durkin Shares How To Build A Life Of Wow!

“To much is given, to much is required.” Todd Durkin Lying on his back on a football field in France with so many injuries that his budding NFL career was officially over, Todd Durkin realized that in a split second that both his body and his...
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Episode 1. Welcome To The Perfection Detox Podcast

This is a short show, in which I give a brief overview of what to expect in The Perfection Detox podcast. I also share a little bit about why this show and why now. Learn a little bit about my highlight reel and more importantly...
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