Episode 4. Tamilee Webb on the Past, The Present & The Future of Fitness

“If I Can’t Bet On Myself, Who Can I Bet On?” Tamilee Webb

Tamilee Webb is perhaps best known as the Buns, in the Buns of Steel Video series. To date, she has sold over 14 million workout videos and DVD’s, and is recognized as one of the pioneers in the world of health and fitness. In this episode, we talk about how she got started, her role models during her early days and how she stayed grounded as her fame grew. We also chat about how Tamilee she has made peace with getting older, while always being known for her body as well as her body of work.     Pre-Instagram and pre-social media there was a brand new world of fitness that was moving into the mainstream and Tamilee Webb was at the forefront. This conversation takes us down the path of fitness history and many of the fitness legends are mentioned in this show.

Fit Pro’s (From Left to Right)

Joel Greco, Tracy York,  Pepper Von, Donna Richardson, Jeff Vandiver, Nancy Popp



In this show, you will learn how Tamilee became her own agent, negotiated on her own behalf, and spread her message of wellness throughout the world. From Mambos to Menopause we discuss it all and along the way find that we both have a lot in common, including the fact we were both out of the house and on our own studying or working at the age of 16.

Tamilee is now busy recreating her worldwide brand and spends as much time as she can in the company of her furry friends.

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More About Tamilee

Tamilee Webb, MA is America’s Most Trusted Fitness Instructor.  Her no-hype down to earth attitude has endeared her to millions of fans worldwide.  Tamilee is best known as the star of the famous “Buns of Steel™ & Abs of Steel™” fitness video series!  Combined sales of Tamilee’s video titles are over 14 million units.  Besides repeatedly topping the Billboard Video sales charts, Tamilee has published four best-selling books; “The Original Rubber Band Workout & (sold in six countries and five languages); Step up Fitness, Workouts for Dummies, and “Defy Gravity Workout”.

Tamilee truly brings fitness home.  She appeared daily on Fit TV previously known as Health Network Channel.  She was host of ESPN’s Fitness Pro series and consulted for Fox Sport Body Squad fitness shows.

Tamilee’s most recent accomplishment was her induction into the Fitness Hall of Fame 2008 alongside fitness greats; Kathy Smith, Judi Missett, Jack LaLane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jane Fonda and Joe Weider.

With over 65 products to her name, Tamilee continues to mentor, manage and produces for other fitness professions and Influencers.  She continues to motivate millions with her Speaking Engagements and coaching services.  You can join one of her social media platforms to get daily messages, tips and workouts.  

Tamilee grew up on a farm in Northern California where she was surrounded by farm animals.  Her love for animals has taken her to volunteer at animal shelters, invested in an up-scale pet boutique called Muttropolis™, and donates to many animal charities.  A little trivia; Tamilee is not her birth name, she changed it to Tamilee when she was singing and playing her guitar for her love of country music!



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