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The Perfection Detox Podcast is an engaging show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door.

Season Two, which begins at Episode 78, is called The Business of Fitness, and no matter if you are in fitness full-time, part-time or none of the time, I know you will leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to create income as you share your impact.

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Episode 81: Annette Lackovic on The Business of Fitness

“Speak to One Person and Everyone Else will Eavesdrop”  About Todays Guest Dubbed by Commonwealth Bank as Australia’s Leading Females Sales Trainer, Annette Lackovic’s grassroots started back in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor at the young age of 15. By the age 21, Annette had transformed a struggling health club into a multi-million dollar money pit within...
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Episode 80: Chalene Johnson on The Business of Fitness

“Be a Sherpa and Guide Those Behind You” About Todays Guest New York Times Best Selling Author of Push, Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, and podcast host. She and Bret, her husband of over twenty years, are the founders of the SmartLife movement. Today, with her husband, Chalene runs a fun loving, collaborative team focused...
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Episode 79: Lashaun Dale on The Business of Fitness

“Find The Gold Within Each Lesson” About Todays Guest Raised in Nature, schooled in the city, Lashaun Dale has been described by the media and her peers as a creative genius, futurist and disruptive business leader. If you ask her what she does, Lashaun would reply that she has a dream job and serves to help people wake up to who...
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Episode 77: Friday Five With David Weck

“It Takes Time To Plough Your Own Path” David Weck Is there something you have been thinking about doing? About creating? About sharing? David talked about his road to success and how he “ready – aimed – fired.” He knew he had something that the world needed the moment he thought about creating the BOSU – the half dome where...
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Episode 76: David Weck On Balancing Mind, Body and Life

“Let’s be More Forgiving Of Ourselves and Therefore Of Others” David Weck This conversation with my dear friend, fitness creator and entrepreneur could not be more timely. Yes, we talk about fitness, health and our experience within that amazing industry, but perhaps, more importantly, we talk about health – the health of our mind and how sometimes it can seem to...
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Episode 75: Friday Five With Heather Thomson

“Starve Your Fear By Feeding Your Faith“ Heather Thomson 1. Heather mentioned that she “starves her fears by feeding her faith” and it is not that we will never feel fear, but what does it take so that we can do “it” afraid. I often reflect on what it takes to FEAR – Face Everything And Rise instead of FEAR – Forget...
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Episode 74: Heather Thomson On The Climb To The Top

“Think About What You Love And Move Towards That” Heather Thompson In this conversation, Heather shares both her highlight reel and more interestingly her backstory about the hard work and hustle that it took as she climbed the mountain of success. Not content to sit on her celebrity status that she found through her time on the hit reality show,...
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Episode 73: Friday Five With David Burkus

“Bring Value And Interest To All Your Relationships” David Burkus David talked about the importance of bringing value to our relationships, and I know for me, especially when it comes to meeting new people and expanding my existing network, I can often feel intimidated. If you feel the same way, I can guarantee you that you have so much to...
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Episode 72: David Burkus On Being A Friend Of A Friend

“Bring Value And Tend To Your Community” David Burkus Today David Burkus releases his new book Friend Of A Friend, Understanding The Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life And Career. In this conversation, we talk about the word networking: the good, the bad and the in between. David shares his thoughts on how to bring value to your community and...
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