Episode 110: A Conversation about Race, Love, and Learning with Myrna Brady

“Everyday Is a New Day to Be a Better Version of Yourself”

About Today’s Guest
Myrna Brady has more than 27 years of combined Education, Fitness, Music, and  Business experience. She has a very eclectic and diversified background and has worked in management and or executive positions in each of the following areas, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Retail Marketing. Myrna has worked for fortune 500 companies like Nabisco & Nike as well as start up internet ventures.
She is national fitness presenter, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor/coach and motivational speaker and she has been educated by some of the most recognized fitness certification bodies in the world: ACE, NASM, Spinning®, PHI Pilates, ECITS and the YMCA to name a few.
Prior to her career in fitness, she was a Humane Resources Executive and Professional Opera Singer.
Myrna has been a licensed school teacher for the East Coast Instructor Training School, an Instructor Trainer for ACE’s CPR, First Aid, AED program and Corporate Regional Faculty Instructor for TSI/NYSC. She has also been a fitness presenter for ECA, DCAC, TSI, LIFNG conventions and worked in a management capacity for many of the top tiered health clubs in the industry.
She has taught fitness, health and mindfulness workshops in several Westchester, New York City School Districts and at the Boys & Girls Club in Mount Vernon.
Myrna prides herself one offering value added & results driven solutions to her clients. Her solutions helps her clients  meet their personal goals and or enhance their bottom line. Myrna currently offers Virtual Fitness Classes and Professional Development Talks and Workshops.
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