Episode Eight: The ABC’s of How to Turn Negativity into Possibility

In this week’s episode of The Ambitious Procrastinator, I dive into the ABC’s of turning negativity into possibility. I introduce a simple framework:

A for activating event – the trigger

 B for belief (particularly irrational beliefs)

 C for consequences

And then I talk about the important reframe. Learning to question the belief instead of questioning yourself and in turn how to create the freedom that comes when we exchange the negative emotions of our past with the positive emotions for our best possible future.

I share a personal example of an activating event from my past, as I guide you to identify your own triggers, irrational beliefs, and consequences. And by bringing awareness to yourself and your surroundings you will be able to exchange the negative emotions for positive ones, as you learn to shift your perspective and approach these events with confidence and optimism.

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