Episode 96: Mark Fisher on The Business of Fitness

“Imagine, Get Clear and Create”

About Today’s Guest

Mark Fisher is an international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Mark co-founded Business for Unicorns in 2016. BFU has worked with clients like Sony Music, Sylvan Learning, and the ACLU, as well as many of the leading fitness studios across the US and UK. Mark is also a proud alumni speaker of TEDx Broadway. In addition to consulting and teaching through Business for Unicorns, Mark is the co-founder of Mark Fisher Fitness. MFF has two physical locations in Manhattan and was recognized as #312 on the 2015 Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America, as well as one of Men’s Health’s “Top 20 Gyms in America.”

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Show Notes

I loved this conversation with Mark and we begin with him sharing that the reason he got into the fitness industry was that in the very beginning he was not very excited with his body when he was in middle school. Wanting to be an actor he knew he would need to take some to feel confident in his body, but unlike many in the wellness industry, he did not enjoy his first experiences with exercise.
However the period of many years, he slowly fell in love with fitness. He became fascinated by the experience of seeing the body change in response to different inputs and metrics.

Mark moved to New York in his twenties, in addition to acting some of the time he needed to make money doing other things and essentially developed a clientele among fellow performers, actors, Broadway performers, teaching them about fitness. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 when a number of serendipitous things happen, not the least among them it was the summer he adopted a practice of reading two to sometimes three books per week and became very serious about visioning and goal setting exercises. Within a 12 month period of making the decision to focus a little bit more on his training business, he started Mark Fisher Fitness.

Mark talks about the importance of goal setting in all areas of our life. He believes there needs to be a balance of having the ability to see a clear vision of the future, something that’s compelling, something that’s inspiring, a future version of yourself you want to live into AND also the importance of developing the executive functions that allow you to do the day to day things that will move your vision into goals and then turn those goals into smaller goals and then turning those into habits and skills.

Mark shares, “I’m fond of saying, having a clear vision of where you want your life to go will not guarantee that it’s going to happen. However, to not have any vision for where you want your life to go will make it very unlikely that you will accidentally create the life that you truly want to be living.”

A large part of what Mark does is time management and speaks to the idea of a planning fallacy, meaning as humans we are not great at understanding how long things actually take to complete and this includes our fitness goals. He also encourages us to look at money and compensation for our time as an energy exchange. That when we can take in information, consolidate it and then transfer it onto others to help them live better lives, is all worth being compensated for – and well.

Mark gives us some great questions to consider when starting or continuing an entrepreneurial venture:
1. Is what I am creating going to help the people I want to serve?
2. Is this something I am excited about and prepared to do the hard work for?
3. Is this something that will make sense financially?

We talk about authenticity and how important it is to be yourself when doing your work. Mark shares his journey on how we flipped fitness on its head especially when it came to traditional marketing by using the power of magic and unicorns to stand out from the crowd. The one element that was consistent throughout this part of his business growth was keeping his (target) audience in mind and creating offerings that would resonate with their dreams and desires.
Mark also encourages us to have the courage to have the confidence to narrow down our market so that in fact we may not attract and appeal to everybody. Know who you want to serve, know who it is you want to help and then write them a love letter with your work.

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