Episode 8. Gin Miller and How The Journey Begins With a Single Step

“Remember, When You Don’t Think You can Do Something, You Have 9 More Something’s Left”

Gin Miller

If you have ever been in a health club, you have seen a step. And if you have ever been in a step class or a sculpt class you have exercised on a step. And if Gin Miller had not gone to Reebok for the 7th time, there would never have been Step.

In this episode, Gin and I discuss the backstory and journey that it took to develop Step Reebok. Learn how Gin had to persevere while burning a hole in her bank account, and what kept her going before her “overnight success.”
By happenstance, I was at the first ever Step Reebok workshop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and in an instant I knew I was witnessing something special. Gin shares how she went from housewife to a household name and how she stayed grounded during her meteoric rise.

Gin shares some of her highlight moments including the day she signed her first contract with Reebok and whether or not you have ever taken a step class, you will love hearing Gin’s laugh again and peeking behind the scenes of step aerobics.

In this show, I talk with Gin my memory of talking with her for the first time at the Reebok headquarters, and I share the best piece of advice she gave me in my career.

Gin discusses the importance of being a part of a tribe and in a community, especially for women. She talks about how we can share kindness and spread compassion outside of the gym, and she discusses her new passion – the pursuit of happiness.

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More about Gin:

Gin Miller is one of the industry’s top professionals, best known as the innovative force behind the Step Training revolution – one of the most significant fitness phenomena of the last century. Her concepts and creativity laid the foundation for “step aerobics”, earning her the worldwide reputation as a preeminent fitness program creator and exercise professional.

Gin currently runs her own company, Gin Miller Productions, LLC and serves as a consultant for corporations in wellness programming and fitness product development. Past projects include product design, programming and inbox workouts for Fitness EM – a product developer for the Empower brand of home exercise equipment, available at major retailers nationwide. Gin is actively involved in fitness product and program design and is about to launch her newest creation, the Kushh.

I knew I had to interview Gin in person and so after an event, I caught an Uber over to her home. We recorded this in her living room so please enjoy the natural environment and ambiance of the audio.

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