Episode 66: Tricia Brouk On The Big Talk

“Stop Selling and Start Inspiring” Tricia Brouk

Disclaimer: At 53:50 we have the first F Bomb ever on the show and it is perfectly placed.

I have known Tricia for many years and first remember seeing Tricia when she was dancing in the Ben Munisteri Dance company. In this interview we talk about how Tricia transitioned from the world of dance into helping others craft their talks and presentations.

I ask Tricia what it is that keeps her so motivated and driven in her life. It was refreshing to hear her say that she is willing to ask for help and does not let fear get in her way on the journey into her best work. We talk about perfection and how even during her career as a dancer she was able to separate the expectations that came with the dance world and the essence of who she is. Tricia talks about how the constant rejections that she heard as dancer helped her build her resilience and drive. These were two of her greatest traits that enabled her to move into the world of being an entrepreneur and now co-creator of TEDx Lincoln Square, NYC.

Tricia talks about the importance of believing in ourselves even when things fall through and that when we allow ourself to mourn the “what we had hoped for” we can move forward and recreate our magnificent future.

We talk about Tricias methodology of how she helps people share their ideas with the world. We also discuss the common fear around the idea of “do I have anything worth saying and sharing?” and how to move through these doubts and forge ahead.

We cover social media, the impact it has on our life, the importance of cultivating and crafting our online presence  and most importantly, how not to take things personally. She encourages us to “Surround yourself with people who hear you, support you and will only lift you up” and this is both in real life and online.

Tricia talks about the magic that happens when we bring our most authentic self to the room. She also believes that some of the magic happens when we stop speaking and begin listening. We discuss the importance of empathetic listening and the value of then reflecting back what we just heard as this allows us to make sure that the person in front of use feels noticed, heard, and valued.

Tricia shares her tips and strategies to having our voices heard so we can share our ideas and values with those we love and in the areas we want to make an impact. Her top three super traits are:

1. Observation

2. Presence

3. Honesty

Tricia talks about how to work with our nerves and our responses – it is when we stop taking everything personally that we can separate our self from the situation. When we get curious in our emotions it allows us to stay present and recognize what it is we are actually experiencing. She also encourages us to think about what we need to do to be able to bring our most fearless self to the table (even if we do feel anxiety)

1. Know who you are: introvert / extrovert

2. Know where you feel the most comfortable

3. Practice what you are going to say – What is your opening line?

We wrap up the show with Tricia sharing her biggest disappointment in her career and that in fact this was also her greatest opportunity. I also believe that much of this magic happens when we are just able to sit in the not knowing.

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More About Tricia

Tricia Brouk is a writer, director and choreographer. She is director and executive producer of the new series Sublets which won the best comedy at the Vancouver Web-Fest, 2017.  She is currently producing and directing a new short documentary about the Chaplin on Riker’s Island, who’s Buddhist.  She choreographed, Black Box for ABC, choreographed and appeared in The Affair for Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and Lasse Hallstrom’s The Hoax. She also choreographed John Turturro’s feature film Romance and Cigarettes, where she received a Golden Thumb award from Roger Ebert. Tricia has also contributed a chapter to the new book called A Life In Dance and has been featured in Inc, Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post. Her podcast The Big Talk  is about the art of speaking where she talks to people who talk for a living.

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