Episode 57: Friday Five With Maureen Hagan

It’s Never Too Late To Become A Better Version Of Yourself” Mo Hagan

  1. Mo talks about the importance of knowing her why and it is her why that keeps her inspired day after day, month after month year after year. I believe that passion keeps our inspiration tank full and that our passion and our why do not need to be monumental to make a huge difference in our life, and in the lives of those we serve. What is your why? Have you spent the time recently to connect with your values, your passions and the things that fuel your dreams. Perhaps your passion and why comes through your family, your work or by helping others. I invite you to spend some time this weekend asking yourself what fuels your tank of inspiration – and what ever that is make sure to carve out the room for it to flow into your life.
  2. How healthy are your workouts? Mo talked about the realization that as much as she encouraged others to take the time to listen to their body that she had ignored the signs of arthritis in her hips. We all know the importance of moving for our health and also for our brain but are we don’t always take the time to make sure that what we are doing is what our body needs. If you are a type A personality and do high intensity workouts every day – your body may be craving some lower intensity movement, and if you are in yoga class 6 times a week perhaps your brain would love a bit of a boost. Take some time to look at your fitness program and make sure that not only do you move with good alignment but that your workout is in alignment with the needs of your body.
  3. How busy are you being busy? Mo talks about how she had become so busy “doing” that she had neglected to spend anytime “being.” Ten years of her life had slipped by, with many magnificent moments and accomplishments being notched on her timeline, yet she could barely recall any of them. How busy are you? Are you able to stop – pause – reflect and be in the moment. While we all have to accomplish certain tasks and routines and have job requirements- this weekend can you take the time to be. Be without your technology, be with yourself, be in the moment and be.
  4. Mo tells us “to learn as you earn” and encourages us all to get out of our head and into the world, and to surround ourselves with people who we can learn from as we gain more experience. We often want to wait until we know it all or it feels like the perfect time to begin, but what if the best way to start was to start. Is there something you have been delaying? Is there something you could already be doing while earning money and while also learning at the same time? Perhaps now is the time to stop reading and begin doing? Act “as if” and become the person you wish to become.
  5. Mo said it is never too late to become a better version of yourself, is there something you are not doing, not trying because you think you are too old, too unhealthy, or too afraid to do? If it is your health what is one thing you can do this weekend to move towards being the best version of you. If you think you are too old – never forget that age is just a number, and now may be the perfect time to take the leap. If you feel too afraid can you dive deeper to see what is lying under your fear. Perhaps journal this weekend to uncover what it is that you are truly afraid of – so you can step into the best version of you!

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