Episode 53: Friday Five With Andy Molinsky

“It Will Be Worth Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone, If You Grow From The Process” Andy Molinksy

  1. Andy talked about the five psychological roadblocks, that when left unaddressed will get in the way of us reaching our potential. Did you recognize any of the blocks showing up in your life? The Five elements that often get in the way are: Authenticity – Likeability – Competence – Resentment – Morality. If one or more of these are standing between you and your dreams is there a new way of working with this block to reframe it into something that will move you forward instead of stopping you in your tracks. It may be as simply understanding what is underneath a particular feeling or reaction that will help you gain the knowledge to allow you best self to move forward.
  2. Andy shares his tools on how to help us move through the avoidance techniques that often become so familiar to us we don’t realize we are getting in our own way. Andy highlighted key ways that we can get super creative in order to avoid doing the things we do not look forward to doing, or the things we are not sure we are skilled enough to attempt perfectly – I know my top avoidance strategy is procrastination. Do any of these resonate with you : Partial delivery, Substitution, Procrastination, Rationalization – if you see a typical avoidance strategy that you have been using – can you write down mini action steps that you could do first thing every morning (before life gets in the way) to move you out of the “not now” mode and into the “let’s begin” action stage – 15 minutes each morning to begin moving out of your comfort zone and closer to your dreams
  3. Andy shared the three traits that will move us out of the stagnation phase and help us work with our fears and then move our life forward and get our wants and desires off the paper and into the world. When you feel uncertain of the future can you draw form one of these to help fuel and fill your inspiration tank: Find Your Source of Conviction – this is your why statement – what is it that powers you, the drives you – that can give you a feeling of unwavering conviction that you are on the right path. Customization – can you customize the situations that make you feel uncertain to allow you to feel more comfortable in the discomfort – what can you do to make the situation fit you – versus the other way around. And how much clarity do you have around your dreams and desires – are there areas that you could do a deep dive into and get super clear about exactly what it is that you want to share with the world and make an impact for good.
  4. Andy and I talked about the imposter syndrome and the fact that at any given time we can all have moments of feeling insecure and that we do not deserve the life we are living or striving for – is there a certain situation where you constantly feel as though you are going to be “found out” can you take one action step to deepen your knowledge, learn something new or ask for help if need be – non of these steps mean that you are not already super qualified for your role or position but I know for me if I am constantly taking small steps to expand my knowledge and stay curious it helps me tame my inner critic and keep her at bay.
  5. Andy and I talked about why it is so difficult for us to find the courage to reach for our dreams. What can you do tomorrow morning to deepen your courage and stretch your dreams? Knowing the world will be a better place with you in it and sharing your voice, your passion and your dreams. Can you make friends with your fear? realizing that it is only there to protect you – but no longer allowing it to stop you.

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