Episode 51: Friday Five With Dorie Clark

“What Are You Already Known For?” Dorie Clark

  1. What are people coming to you for? What are you known for? Dorie reminds us that we all have inherent skills, but we often spend time focusing on our gaps instead of our strengths. When people think of you what would come to mind? Can you create a product or an extension of what you already do that will allow you to share your gifts with more people, and in turn be compensated for your innate strengths?
  2. If you were to expand your reach is one area which one would it be? Dorie invited us to consider many different types of revenue streams as a way to spread our risk over multiple platforms. She also suggested we do not begin more that two new channels a year, and to only focus on one channel at a time. What medium is appealing to you – Podcasting, blogging, writing, speaking, coaching? Spend the weekend thinking about which platform feels like a good fit to you and where you think you would best be able to be both creative and effective.
  3. What is one thing you would like to explore? Dorie invites us to explore a side hustle as a way of revisiting our creativity and pursuing our passion. She shared words of wisdom by advising us not to quit our day job but to mitigate the risk and build a new side hustle overtime. Try several things to see what fits best for you and your life. What is one thing that you have been putting on the back burner? Why not use this weekend to try something new and see how things may unfold – you have nothing to lose.
  4. Is there someone you can reach out to for advice? Dorie advises us all to find a mentor and someone who would be willing to be honest about compensation and expectations within the market place. We all need a guide of what the market is willing to pay, and even if it is a few years before you reach that level, at least you will have a solid goal and idea of where you are aiming. This is also a great metric to measure your progress.
  5. How strong is your calling card? Dorie shares her thoughts on how to get noticed and this is her main topic in her book Stand Out. She recommends that we explore and master three areas. To really have people pay attention, we need to apply attention to three parts of our business and nurture all three parts equally. Content Creation – Social Proof – Your Network

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