Episode 49: Friday Five With Lisa Wheeler

“Look At Every Open Door As A Possibility” Lisa Wheeler

1.Lisa talks about the importance of being your true self when connecting with your audience – she shared six things to think about when differentiating yourself in this very noisy world of social media.

Authenticity is key– know your values and know your strengthKey into where your authentic self shines – which audience allows you to do your best work.

Practice, Practice, Practice –that overnight success that we often think has happened, is the 10,000 unseen hours of hard work all coming together at the right time – luck is preparation meeting opportunity

Connect through the lens of the camera – imagine you are speaking to your best friend or mum – speak to one person and then it will be shared by many

Know who your audience is – know who is your market and the people who allow you to do your best work. Is it the athlete, the baby boomer, the active senior or perhaps a market yet to be created.

Where do you do your best work? – where do you shine – which types of groups do you feel inspired by? You can only inspire others to the degree you are inspired.

2.Lisa talks about the importance of bringing the joy back into your tribe – what can you do today to bring more joy into your life – into your relationships and into your workouts? We can only fill up the cups of others if we are tapping into, and replenishing our own well of joy. What is one thing you could do this week that would bring you more joy?

3.Lisa talks about having to have a thick skin, especially when it comes to standing out and making a difference in this world. One of my favorite quotes is by Seth Godin, “To be remarkable you will need to be remarked upon”  – both the positive and the negative. Lisa invites us to stay true and not to allow the negativity to stop you from pursuing your dreams. She encourages us to let the mean critics slide off our backs and to be open to learning from constructive feedback (or feed forward as I like to call it.)

4.Lisa reminds us that to be remarkable we need to deliver on our promises. Is there an area of your life where you have maybe slipped a little on delivering in a way that stands up to your potential? Perhaps there is an area of your life where you can pull back a little and not constantly over deliver? We often show up in the areas where we feel certain and secure. Perhaps take a wide angled view to see if there could be more balance in where you apply your time and attention.

5.Lisa talks about the difference between doing and leading – especially when it comes to leading and mentoring. She shares the qualities that she admires in the women that she has worked with.  Perhaps we can all step into a more effective leadership role, even if it is leading ourselves. The three qualities that Lisa feels are important to bring to the table are:

Creating a team where women support women

Creating a fun and engaging environment

Creating a culture where the team is to encouraged to strive for excellence (not perfection)

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