Episode 48: Lisa Wheeler on Mentorship, Leadership & Friendship

“On The Way Up Be Sure To Grab Someone’s Hand And Take Them With You” Lisa Wheeler

What a wonderful treat to sit and chat with my dearest friend Lisa Wheeler. It was hard to cover three decades in fifty minutes but I know you will learn so much form this episode. We begin by going back in the history books and how of Lisa entered into the fitness world. From there we jump into how the industry has evolved throughout the past two decades.

Lisa gives a masterclass and shares what is important to consider when connecting with your audience, whether it is online or in person. From her two decades of mentoring some of the best in the industry, Lisa shares how you can differentiate yourself, and stand out in this very noisy world of social media.

Key Points:

  1. Authenticity is key
  2. Tap into where your authentic self can shine
  3. Practice, practice, practice
  4. Learn how to connect through the camera lens
  5. Know who your audience is
  6. Know how and where do you do your best work

Lisa talks about the importance of bringing the joy back into your tribe and how this will be your secret sauce. From there we discuss the tricky road of social media and the easy access these days of the ability for anyone to criticize. She shares her thoughts on how to deal with the “haters” and Lisa invites us to keep a thick skin while still being open to learning from constructive feedback.

Lisa shares her thoughts on how we all can make a difference and that there is room for each of us to create an impression in this world. Bring your heart to the world and then create connection, connection and more connection. Lisa encourages us to deliver on our promises, stay true to who we are and reminds us that as much as it can be tempting to try and please everyone, this will never allow us to do our best work.

We go back to the moment Lisa decided that the last performance she did at Lincoln Center would be her last professional performance as a dancer. We share our thoughts about the losses that come with staying in alignment with what is true to our desires and dreams.

Lisa has always been in a leadership role and she shares the commonalities in the women who are leaders and whom she admires:

  1. Women who support women
  2. Women who create a fun environment
  3. Women who encourage you to push for excellence (not perfection)

We wrap up our conversation talking about value and the importance of deep friendships, especially as we strive for growth and excellence. We share that it is so important to celebrate each other and open the doors for those around us. We talk about the importance of being able to be friends in the comfortable times and also have the hard conversations. We then share our thoughts about how to age well in a world that celebrates youth, and we get really real on how it feels to move into the second stage of this magnificent journey called life.

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More About Lisa

Owner of Wheels In Motion Productions and VP of Fitness for Daily Burn, Lisa Wheeler is is a Daytime Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, two-time New York Times Best Selling author and award winning international presenter. Lisa serves on Industry Advisory Board for ACE.

Behind the camera, Lisa has helped produce over 500 fitness programs for ”Dancing with the Stars”, “The Biggest Loser”, Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Louis Van Amstel, Denise Austin, Richard Simmons, among others. In front of the camera she starred in over 30 fitness videos for Weight Watchers, Acacia, the NFL Channel and Shape Magazine, was featured on Fit TV, hosted “The Method Fitness Show” on The Health Network and the “Westin Workout Powered by Reebok” fitness segments on SPG TV. She has appeared on QVC, “CNN Headline News”, “The View”, “Good Morning America”, “The Today Show”, “Access Hollywood LIVE” and “Fox and Friends”.

Her alter ego had a long career as a professional dancer in NYC performing most notably in the companies of Dan Wagoner and Ben Munisteri until her retirement on the stage at Lincoln Center in 2009.

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Photo Credit: Ryan Kelly