Episode 47: Friday Five With Maria Sirois

“Crisis Moments Allow Us To Get Clear On What Is Important To Us” Maria Sirois


  1. Maria shares her thoughts on how to get thorough times of suffering and this is how she invites us to find anchors that will allow us to stay afloat when we feel untethered and uncertain. If you are going through a challenging time can you root yourself in one or two of these thoughts?
    Maria shares that we have to feel what we feel and face our loss head on. There is no pretending in the face of suffering that it is not excruciating. Allow yourself to be in your feelings. Sit in the discomfort as that will help it move through you.
    Maria then invites us to breathe through our feelings – this small act will create tiny oasis of respite. Our breathe allows us to feel shattered and be in this new normal – deep breaths – one by one, moment by moment.
    Depending on where you are on your journey Maria then invites you to begin to choose your best practices to help you move upward out of the darker moments – it may be moving your body, gathering your choir of close friends and for certain it will be having the courage to ask for help and support.
    Maria suggests that as your grief begins to fade you begin to create 5 minute spaces where you hold the positive – a small intermission in your grief. Slowly begin to carve out small moments of 5 minutes, then 10 minutes and so on. Slowly, when you are ready begin to expand the moments of positivity.
  2. Maria talks about gathering your choir, Who is in your choir? Is there someone in your choir who may need your help and shoulder to lean on? Is there someone you can reach out to and ask for help? Perhaps now is a good time to offer support or perhaps now is the time to invite it in.
  3. Maria talks about a growing movement called The Simplification Movement: that now is a turning point and we can turn our use of technology down and use this time to become clear on what works best for our own well-being. Lear how we can deepen our true connections. Is there a part of your life that is being led by technology, that is overtaking your heart space? Can you dial it back a bit to make room for the good things to come in?
  4. Maria talks about building tiny habits of micro bites of goodness into our day: taking the time to listen to your body and ask what does it really need – in terms of your movement, exercise and workouts. What would feel good to your body this week? Can you mix it up and do what is nourishing for your body? Remember to make make choices that are enlivening, we will have to be ready to let go of the myths of who we think we should be and what world is telling us we should be. This is the time to move closer to your authentic self.
  5. What can you do for 5 minutes today that bring you closer to your best self? When you are your best self- you will bring your best self to your family, to your life and out into the world.

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