Episode 45: Friday Five With Sheryl O’Loughlin

“Have Bold Humility” Sheryl O’Loughlin

    1. Sheryl shared how we all will have moments where life will eat us up. It is in the challenging times where we realize we are not alone and that we will make it. She invites us to navigate through the more difficult times by breathing into the moment and moving through it step by step by step. Minute by minute, day by day. If there is something challenging in your life right now can you dial it back to moving forward breath by breath. Knowing that this too shall pass, it will get easier and one day you will be able to help someone else move through the dark and back into the light.
    2. Is there a relationship in your life that could be strengthened simply by being courageous and by asking the other person what it is that they need? Sheryl shared her mistakes as well as her successes especially when it came to parenting. I love that she reaches out and asks her children to help her to understand their feelings and how to help them move into their best self. I think this is a wonderful lesson for us all. We often think we should know all the answers especially when it comes to our family and close relationships.  Can we stop thinking we should know it all and instead become vulnerable and ask for help. How can we improve our dialog, our interactions and elevate the quality of our connections by asking, listening and then responding with kindness and compassion.
    3. Sheryl and I talk about the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt is feeling bad about what you did, shame is feeling bad about who you are. Is there something you need to change in your inner dialog, that would remove any blame and feelings that may wash you with sense of shame? We are human beings and in that simple fact we will make mistakes and especially when we look back to see how we could have done things differently we can often confuse what we did for who we are – There is nothing wrong in making mistakes – but remember you made a mistake – you are not the mistake – ever.
    4. What is your North Star?  What is your purpose, what is your guiding light? Sheryl talks about her purpose being her guiding light and how REBBL the company of which she is the CEO – was first a cause that was looking for a company. What is your guiding light, your north star? What is your Why – what fuels you to get up each day and contribute your voice to this world? Do you need to nurture your why? We can only inspire others to the degree we feel inspired, perhaps take some time this weekend to reflect on your why, and refill your inspiration tank – after all this will be your fuel for your dreams
    5. Sheryl shared what is important to her these days and the boundaries and guidelines she sets for herself. I love all of her heart centered metrics for success and so as I read them reflect if there is one that resonates strongly with you. Perhaps you can spend the weekend exploring ways to cultivate and strengthen this part of you and your essence.
      Connect to your tribe and share what is real.
      Protect your self worth.
      Bring love into everything that you do.
      Have bold humility.

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