Episode 41: Friday Five With Suzie Carpenter

“How We Do One Thing, Is How We Do Everything” Suzie Carpenter

It was such a treat to sit down this week and talk with Suzie Carpenter – I felt as though we had double the wisdom this week – one part Suzie, and one part her daughter Kelly. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with the author of On The Bright Side A Mother’s Story of Love and Healing Through Her Daughter’s Autism Suzie Carpenter

  1. Is there something you could do to help love your body more through your nutrition? Suzie talks about the power of nutrition and loving yourself through food.  Is there one choice that you could make that would help you eat to fuel your life and dreams?
  2. When do you feel in flow? at your most powerful? I loved it when Suzie invited us to work with our tendencies. Working with our own tendencies will help us soar, savor and thrive versus always pushing against our innate nature.  Is there a way for you to more deeply honor your own rhythm versus trying to fit into someone else’s design? What would your day feel like if you created a protocol that works with, and for, your own life
  3. Do you know your power zone? We talked a lot about Suzie’s daughter Kelly and the gifts that she brings to the world, by just being herself. One of the gifts she has is the ability to be completely in the present moment. I call the present moment our power zone. Can you set aside a few minutes each morning, to tap into your power zone and do one mindful act to start your day? Maybe it is making your coffee, maybe it is making the bed, or perhaps brushing your teeth. Begin your day by stepping into your power zone and fuel up your dreams
  4. Can you seek the beauty? Suzie shared how her daughter sees people for who they are versus what they do or look like. We tend to judge people without even realizing we are doing it. This weekend let’s see the world through Kelly’s eyes. Let’s look at those around us through the eyes of compassion. Let’s notice how we are all more alike than different. This is how we shine the light. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.
  5. How is your social media habit? Suzie shared how her daughter uses social media to share the positive and connect with others versus comparing and contrasting. Check in with how you use social media. Do you find it a source of inspiration and connection? Or do you find yourself feeling a little depressed as you compare your life to everyone else’s at the end of a good scrolling? Take a moment to reflect and make sure that you are managing your social and it is not managing you.

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