Episode 39: Friday Five With Sarah Robb O’Hagan

“Be Relentlessly Open To The Curveballs Of Life Sarah Robb O’Hagan

  1. What drives you to be your best self? Sarah talks about drive and tenacity. She believes that drive can be cultivated and developed. I also believe that if you are inspired by something that your drive will amp up. I also believe that we can’t wait for drive to always appear before we get started. It’s almost the opposite – ready, start, go = drive. Who can you surround yourself with to amp up your drive meter?
  2. Is your morning set up for success? Sarah talked about her daily rituals that set her up for success. She shared how she sets her day up the night before, and she recommends no electronics before going to bed. I know for me if I get my body moving in the morning my brain is more creative and focused. A habit that is working for me is to get an hour of writing in before I check my e-mails in the morning. Is there one small adjustment that you could make to your morning ritual that would allow for more focus and productivity?
  3. What can you do to elevate your luck meter? I loved it when Sarah talked about creating the circumstances for luck to come your way. I have also heard it said that luck is preparation meeting opportunity and I do know that people with a positive outlook on life seem to have more luck that those who only see the negative. What can you adjust within your set of circumstances to be ready and get ready for that opportunity that is just around the corner?
  4. Where do you look for inspiration and with a healthy curiosity, versus competition? Sarah talks about friendly motivation versus competition. She talks about how greatness happens can be when we stop focusing on others and play our own game. Sarah finds inspiration, not by looking at her direct competitors but by looking at adjacent companies for motivation and for sparks of creativity to be ignited. We can do the same in our own life by looking at others people’s stories for inspiration and then filtering them for our own growth.
  5. Can you view asking for help through the lens of curiosity versus seeing it as a weakness? Sarah and I talked about The Imposter Syndrome and how we can all feel like frauds some of the time. Sarah shared that the freedom and our power comes from being able to say, “I don’t know” and asking for help. Magic appears the moment you say you need help – it empowers you and kills off the imposter, plus the other person is going to be more open to you when they see you as human.

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