Episode 35: Friday Five With Sara Haley

“Your Kids Don’t Need You To Be Perfect, They Need You To Be Present” Sara Haley

It was such a treat to talk to Sara Haley and really dive behind the scenes of the imperfect and messy perfect life as a mom, entrepreneur, and wife. I loved how candid and honest she was talking about both her hits and a couple of her misses.

Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with Sara Haley:

  1. Is there something that you have been wanting and waiting to do that you have not done because it may not fit in with what you think you should do? Sara talked about how challenging it can be to be truly accepting of how we change and shift in life. What if you take that first step towards a dream that you have been putting on the side and move it center stage?
  1. What is something that you are passionate about? Sara talks about the importance of keeping and cultivating the passion in your own life, something not related to your work or attached to someone else. What is it that you do, that contributes to your own happiness. Whether it is cooking, working out, blogging or journaling. Can you carve out more time to dive deeper, explore something that belongs to you?
  1. How well do you take care of yourself? Sara talks about the challenge between being selfish and selfless. I think we all can agree that it can feel challenging to put ourselves first. Is there something you can do to refill your energy and inspiration tank? It is only when we feel full that we can be of service to our friends and family.
  1. Who is in your choir? Sara talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with a tribe. A group of people who have similar needs, desires and likes. A group that you can reach out to when you need help, and a group that you can offer your help to – when someone else is struggling. A small but mighty group of friends who celebrate with you in the good times and share the burden in the not so good times.
  1. How present are you? – do you find yourself with your phone in your hand through the majority of your day? Do you get anxious at the thought of being unplugged? Sara talked about the importance of being present. She reminded us that our children do not need us perfect they need us present. This can be said for our friends, family and work colleagues too.  Could you spend a few hours or even one day a week unplugging from technology so you can plug into your heart center? Can you, “Be Here Now” with the people you are with.

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