Episode 32: Molly Fox On Fitness, Fonda and Forgiveness

“Looking At It From What You Don’t Have, Will Never Get You What You Want”  Molly Fox

What a treat to talk to my mentor and friend Molly Fox. In this show, we talk all things fitness. From Jane Fonda, LP’s, Leg Warmers and Disco and I go back to my first memory of meeting Molly, when I auditioned to teach for The Molly Fox Studios.

Molly and I discuss the freedom and the creative aspect that was available to us in the early 80’s. How we had the opportunity to create out of the box experiences and share ideas and inspiration without the fear of failure or getting fired. We go back to when Molly was six and her love of scarves and dancing. We talk about the Jane Fonda days and how we both (when I remembered) found our love of aerobics from this era of fitness. Molly shares her memories of San Francisco when in the days of disco and dance, music was a muse to the energy of the class environment.

We move into Molly’s journey to NYC and how she began teaching at The Actors Studio. As her following grew and the classroom became too small to hold the energy of the teacher and students, she opened her own space The Molly Fox Studio. This conversation talks about so many elements of fitness including how “low impact” evolved and all the magic and mystery of those days. We also dive deep and go back to the day she closed her doors and how difficult that was for her and her heart.

Molly and I talk about the many deaths we can have in our lifetime and how we can get ourselves up off our feet and into the world again. The piece of the conversation that I especially love is when we talk about resentment and forgiveness. I love this woman and I hope you love listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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More About Molly

Molly Fox is a pioneer in the fitness industry. She began her career in 1979 at the Jane Fonda Workout in San Francisco and founded and ran The Molly Fox studios in NYC for the better part of 14 years. Molly then began working with Equinox Fitness Clubs where she still teaches today.

Molly has been teaching Yoga since 1994, her influences being Anusara, Iyengar, Jivamukti, and Ashtanga styles. She offers a dynamic, strong and focused Vinyasa Flow Class and her focus is on improving physical alignment and mobility.

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