Episode 3: Live Like You Are Dying with Apprentice Funeral Director Laura Wagner

I was thrilled to interview Laura Wagner, who at the age of 50 became an apprentice Funeral Director. 

Laura is a formidable female, who at the age of 50 set aside a successful mental health practice to bring grace and disruption to a family mortuary business that’s been owned and operated entirely by men for 167 years.

She is wife to a 5th generation undertaker. The mother of two beautiful children. Licensed psychotherapist, writer/blogger and part time model. If that isn’t enough she is also a part time fitness instructor who is always open to what life has to teach her.

In this show we talk about:

  1. How Laura’s work as a coach and therapist intersects so beautifully with what she is now doing
  2. How there is so much joy to be found inside her funeral home
  3. What we can learn from those who have moved on
  4. How Laura decided to move into this line of work and what surprised her most

Click here to see pictures from Laura’s most recent modeling job.

Stay in touch with Laura

The Undertaking (Laura’s blog)


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